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Tzolkin1065 · 105

This deck is built around Hallow. Its purpose is to remove one doom each round, thus provides infinite rounds for my teammates to investigate and complete the tasks.

To put 10 tokens in to chaos bag, I combine Rite of Equilibrium, Tempt Fate and Tides of Fate. There are several combos.

Rite(+5/+5), Tide, Hallow.

Rite(+10/+10), Hallow, Tides at the beginning of next round, maybe you can still get to Hallow another time next round.

Tempt Fates*2, Tide, Hallow.

Rite(+10/+10), Hallow, Tide, Hallow again.

To play one of those combos every round, I have to draw cards very quickly. Baker's heirloom helps a lot. Every event played results in another card draw. And there are tons of quick events.

The Rite of Equilibrium is also great at mitigating sanity lose. I take about 3 horrors each round for drawing from empty deck, and holding my weakness in hand. Playing two Rites in a row heals 10 horrors, which is enough to keep me alive.

I just played this deck in the fifth and sixth scenario of TIC with a four-players-team and ended each game with only 6 dooms on the first agenda (or the first set of agenda). It's sort of inspiring as we ran out of time at the fifth scenario twice in a row in previous runs.