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Just realised what a ~wall of text~ this is and thought I'd summarise

We're halfway through a Dunwich campaign (amassed 19 experience so far). Our four-player co-op team is:

  1. Primary clue-getter - Rex Murphy
    • Clue vacuum (like 3 to 6 clues per round)
    • Super "squishy" (i.e. no way to defend himself)
    • literally only investigates and pretty much nothing else
  2. Primary fighter - Zoey Samaras
    • lots of Guardian with some Survivor cards
    • literally only fights and nothing else
    • pretty tanky but can't die, otherwise we're screwed
  3. First backup all-rounder - Agnes Baker
    • weird Mystic that likes to solo things (her player is an insane genius & hella unpredictable but we love him for it)
    • leans toward fighting more than investigating / any kind of support (but does kinda do it all)
    • takes lots of horror (as Agnes tends to do) and is capable of healing SOME but not all of it off (tends not to though because that's not a baller turn lmfao)
  4. Second backup all-rounder - Jenny Barnes

    • This deck! Mostly ofc, with some help from and and the basic neutral skills that pretty much everyone takes (Overpower, Perception and Unexpected Courage specifically)
    • Goal: !!healing!! to protect Agnes and Zoey from horror and damage respectively; secondary clueying in case Rex is drawing poorly or there's just a super clue-heavy scenario; the ability to fight off her own monsters (either pulled from the Mythos Deck or her basic weakness) so that Zoey isn't stuck with protecting another squishy character

      → AKA just basic, reliable all-rounder tings

See Jenny Baker's Job, below



This is a Jenny Barnes Rogue support deck for a multiplayer team composition that already has a primary "clue-er" (Rex Murphy - Seeker) and a primary attacker (Zoey Samaras - Guardian). I should also mention that we have already accumulated 19 victory points in the first few scenarios of this campaign, while we were still tweaking these characters.


Our goal is to have two good all-rounder support-ish characters for a four-player Dunwich campaign to augment Rex Murphy's cluey vacuuming and Zoey Samaras' tanking / damage build. Rex's build here is completely clue-focussed, so he's the designated "squishy" character that everyone else (mainly Zoey) has to protect while he basically advances the Act deck by himself. Thus, the two all-rounder characters have to support and maximise Rex & Zoey's efficiency while still being able to handle some decent enemies by themselves, especially those drawn from the Mythos Deck.

We already have a solid Mystic all-rounder with a lean towards attacking in a custom Agnes Baker build - with core cards like Shrivelling, Hypnotic Gaze and Drawn to the Flame though, she does take quite a bit of horror (as is her forte). Though she can heal some of this off by herself, she and Zoey would still benefit greatly from some external healing.


Our fourth and final (for now) character build is the Rogue who fills in the second all-rounder position, but this time with a healing and secondary clueing focus (as opposed to Agnes Baker' secondary attack focus with some backup clueing). Jenny Barnes starts with all even stats, but pumps up Intellect and Agility by taking one upgraded Streetwise. Thus, the rest of her deck primarily relies on and tests, with the exception of her weapons of course.

Of course, Jenny Barnes is resource-and-turn-and-card-ed up in this build. Her inherent power, Leo De Luca, Contraband, and two Hot Streaks ensure this. The main problem Jenny has been running into in previous scenarios though, is that she has plenty of stuff but nothing to do with it. We're hoping to remedy that here.

She fulfils the healing role by taking two Liquid Courages and two First Aids. We also originally thought of chucking some Medical Texts in there, but decided her five alternate-class card slots were of better use elsewhere. She's also able to do some decent secondary clueing with Lockpicks, Pilfer, Perception & Unexpected Courage, but also just by hitting the Streetwise whenever she can; this will also help her take care of Searching for Izzie whenever that rears its ugly head.

Finally, she should be able to hold her own in a battle or two. She obviously has her .45s if she can find them, but also two other weapons (two .41 Derringers and a Beretta M1918) floating around. She's also got Backstab and Cheap Shot so she can use instead of sometimes and pump some resources into Streetwise to almost guarantee victory against small Mythos-Deck induced enemies. Lucky!, Overpower and Unexpected Courage are also there to help with if she gets a hold of her weapons instead of fight Events.


So yeah, Jenny is still very much an all-rounder here, but hopefully with a little more to "actually do" (her player's words, not mine lol) than before.

The hope is that no matter what she draws, she will always be able to do something interesting on her turn. Early game, that hopefully looks like setting up her resource / card stash and doing some introductory clueying / monster slaying; later game, it hopefully looks like healing and clueing mostly but not needing another character to protect her if she happens to run into some bad-guys.