Враг. Базовая слабость

Гуманоид. Культист. Серебряные Сумерки.

Бой: 2. Здоровье: 3. Уход: 3.
Раны: 1. Ужас: 0.

Добыча — только держатель.


Обязательно — После того как «Аколит Серебряных Сумерек» атаковал: Положите 1 безысходность на текущий замысел.

Вы никогда не забудете день, когда познали истинные тайны Ложи Серебряных Сумерек. Теперь Ложа не может оставить вас в живых.
Mauro Dal Bo
Базовый набор #102.
Аколит Серебряных Сумерек

This card always seems to appear right when it is extremely inconvenient for me. The fact that doom is placed directly on the agenda is just so devastating to your game tempo. The 2 fight is not much of a challenge but the fact that Silver Twilight Acolyte has 3 health means most investigators will have to use at least 2 actions to take care of this card unless you have some special effect at your disposal like Agnes's special ability or vicious blow. To summarize, a kind of annoying reflecting the itch in the middle of your foot.

bullettrang · 10
One exception: this is the best possible weakness for Roland. Easy to kill, generates a clue. — FarCryFromHuman · 1
I'd say for every investigator except Roland and maybe Zoey, this is the worst weakness. Killing it can easily take more than 2 actions if you're unlucky or unarmed, and it's disastrous if left unchecked. — CaiusDrewart · 2353
As bad as this card may be, in Carcosas "A Phantom of truth" (4-players) it saved us a lot of trouble. We took a lot of attack of opportunity-damage from this guy and luckily the doom tokens went straight to the agenda (instead of to the acolyte, in which case they would have been subtracted from the agendas doom tokens) and thus the 3 nights were much faster over. Dont' know, if the designers had this in mind while creating this guy/the scenario, but we breezed through the scenario. Crisis as opportunity :-) — Darkangel23 · 1
If you cancel the attack, with cards like "Dodge" and "Hypnotic Gaze", then doom is NOT placed on the agenda, is this correct? — Yoritomo · 13
That is correct. — Yenreb · 9