On Your Own
  • Q: On Your Own and On Your Own are the same level, yet the latter has the Exceptional keyword. Can I upgrade the former into the latter version? A: Yes, you can upgrade the version of On Your Own without exceptional into the version with exceptional by spending 3 experience. (FAQ v2.2, February 2024)
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Shades of Suffering
  • ERRATUM: Shades of Suffering, Setup: Add the following after the fourth bullet point:
    • Gather each decoy mini-card and the Tzu San Niang mini-card and set them aside, out of play. - FAQ, v.2.2, February 2024
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On Thin Ice
  • ERRATUM: On Thin Ice, Resolution 2: Add the following text to the third bullet of this resolution:
    • If no investigator controlled the Sable Glass at the end of the scenario, choose an investigator to be its bearer. Update the Campaign Log accordingly. - FAQ, v.2.2, February 2024
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The Blob That Ate Everything
  • ERRATUM: The Blob That Ate Everything, resolutions section, Resolution 3 should read “Resolution 2.” Add “Alien Instruments”, “Corrosive Cloud”, and “G-Men” to the list of assets in play that can be added to an investigator’s deck (Note: These assets are found in The Blob That Ate Everything ELSE.) - FAQ, v.2.2, February 2024
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Hand-Eye Coordination
  • Q: Can I use Hand-Eye Coordination to resolve the ability on Microscope without spending any actions? A: No. Hand-Eye Coordination only allows you to bypass the first cost when activating an ability on a Tool or Weapon asset. You must still pay any additional costs on that ability, which can include spending additional actions. (Feast of Hemlock Vale FAQ, February 2024)
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