Mechanic's Wrench

Hola, me parece potente la carta pero tengo 2 consultas sobre la llave de mecanico: 1 ¿puedo usar la accion de combatir despues de agotarla? 2 ¿que significa "COMBATIR: Usa esta capacidad únicamente contra un Enemigo que te haya atacado desde el final de tu último turno"?, ¿es decir que puedo COMBATIR con la llave recién en la siguiente fase de investigadores después de que un enemigo me haya atacado??? Entiendo que al final del turno implicaria recibir un ataque en la fase de enemigos, mantenimiento y mitos, para que pueda combatir con la llave en mi siguiente turno. Por favor si me aclaran algunos escenarios de uso de esta accion. Gracias

Jargandona · 1
Book of Shadows

The card has been deemed (one of ) the worst card(s) in the game. I do feel why - using so many actions and resources to recharge spells is very poor and there are so many better ways to put extra charges on your asset.

With that being said, I have a feeling we're missing a good interaction here. Maybe due to the fact, cards are pretty old - Daisy can take it to poor endless charges into Archaic Glyphs, particularly the Guiding Stones version. Since it;s a free action, she can produce endless charges at ease. While it might've been a minor thing in the past - for 2p there hasn't been that many multi-clue locations, thing change a bit in the recent campaign as Antarctica contains a lot of 2p and more clue locations. Granted, they sort of slow down towards the end of the campaign, but even then a free deduction each turn feels quite nice. Not sure what the community says?

Eruantalon · 101
It's not a bad combo, but Winds of Power probably is just better for recharging your glyphs. Both are 1 XP, but Book of Shadows eat up your Tome actions (and a lot of resources), plus a hand slot and you have to spend an action playing it. Winds of Power has no such problems - you can draw it off of Old Book of Lore, play it without spending an action, and get 2 charges. If you do that twice you have 7 charges on Guiding Stones which is likely enough to win the scenario. It's just way more resource and action efficient - playing Book of Shadows and using it twice costs 5 resources, a play action, a hand slot, and two tome actions. Playing Winds of Power costs 2 resources and that's it, maybe an action if you drew it during upkeep instead of off of OBoL. It's so much more efficient. — Soul_Turtle · 88
Research Notes

Have you ever wanted to trivialize a few high-shroud locations? Look no further! Just drop a few clues for some cute effects, then pick them right back up with Research Notes! Got two on the table? Even better, pick up twice as many as you dropped! See a high shroud location? Drop the clues in a easy-to-reach location, bend over a couple of times to clean up your mess, then waltz over to the enemy lockbox and just pretend that you had the key!

Want to also ruin the entire experience and just win A LOT, while you're at it? Try including Knowledge is power!
Just ignore spending that evidence, and go straight to the "pick up clues" part. The best part? You don't even need to play this then, you can keep both of your magnifying glasses in your hands for those additional clues!
(This works the same way the interaction between Old Book of Lore and Knowledge is power which was ruled by Alex Werner to ignore the "spend 1 secret" cost to play the card immediately - this hopefully gets changed in the near future)

tokeeto · 3
Finn's Trusty .38

First off, I can't believe nobody has written a review for an investigator signature card after 4 years after his release, so I suppose I'll give it a shot (heh). Second, Finn is a strange investigator. This signature card is a cherry on top of a weirdness cake for him.

With this gun, Finn is able to shoot eldritch beings 3 times at 5 . You always get the bonus +2 score, and +1 damage if the enemy is not engaged with you (i.e. evaded). It's fast, costs 2 resources, and is illicit.

Finn's gun can be closely compared to the .25 Automatic from the Innsmouth Conspiracy, which costs 2 additional resources, only gets the damage if the enemy is exhausted, and provides 1 additional ammo. Playing Finn, both of these weapons feel very similar in playstyle, since you're able to evade for a bonus action, you pretty much always get the +2 and +1 damage.

When searching your deck with Smuggled Goods, you are almost never searching for Finn's Trusty .38, but rather something like Pickpocketing, Lockpicks, Liquid Courage, or really any other illicit card. But when you do hit Finn's Trusty .38, you can say "Hey, I just found a Manual Dexterity!" That's often what I find happens to this card. It just isn't used, and is usually pitched for its skill icons.

Fighting at 5 is alright, but you'd really want higher numbers if your teammates are going to let you take shots at monsters engaged with them. I can see where this card can become useful (True solo, or if you've got boosting cards), but Finn's pretty much made for clue-getting, so this seems like a last resort. He can dip into seeker cards, he's got base 4 , he has lockpicks on-class, and the man's even picks up clues for Cthulhu's sake!

So, in summary, this gun seems like a wasted draw most of the time. Sure, it can be used in a pinch, but Finn was made to evade, get clues, and run away. You really want some good support for this card, like Sharpshooter or Hard Knocks (although "good" is a debatable word choice to use for this support). I'd say in most scenarios, you're better off leaving this one at home.

Hence no reviews? — MrGoldbee · 1265
.25 Automatic is really good, though, isn't it? The .38 has one less ammo but costs 2 less and has better icons and a more flexible trigger. It's a bit boring, especially now that it's so similar to his go-to gun the .25 (though not upgradeable), but I think it's mid-tier as sigs go, and efficient in a vacuum just by being fast. — housh · 141
Enchant Weapon

Does someone know if it is possible to combine this card with "Guts" during a test ? (committing Guts right after exhausting)

Same goes for "Fearless" or even "Say Your Prayers", would be an interesting combo.

Ealandur · 1
There's a reason why this section is called "Reviews", and that reason is that this is not the place for rules questions. Go to BGG or Reddit for those. — TheNameWasTaken · 3
You can also try the Mythos Busters discord or the League of Extraordinary Investigators. Both have a fairly active community that can answer questions. — LaRoix · 1595
But for your question: no, because the test is still a strength test and you only add your willpower. And you are only allowed to to add symbols which match the test. Same for all other cards witch add a second attribute like lockpicks etc — Tharzax · 1