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После того как вы добавили «Сорвиголову» к проверке, сбрасывайте карты с верха вашей колоды, пока не сбросите навык, который можно добавить к этой проверке. Добавьте его. Замешайте обратно в свою колоду каждую сброшенную при этом слабость.

«— Уини, ты сумасшедшая!
— Я в курсе! Разве это не прекрасно?»
Borja Pindado
Уинифред Хаббамок #18.

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Instead of “Shuffle each weakness that was discarded…”, this card’s ability now reads: “After this skill test resolves, draw each weakness discarded by this effect.”



(from the official FAQ or responses to the official rules question form)
  • Q: When I commit Daredevil to another investigator's skill test during Step 2, will the effect successfully and completely resolve, committing a second card to that skill test? Because there is no rule saying that you cannot commit more than 1, and the Step 2 rule that allows you to commit is permissive for that Step but doesn't restrict beyond that step, some community members believe that the second card commit would be permitted. Am I allowed to commit the card that Daredevil finds to my friends' investigation? Can I commit a card during Step 2 to another investigator, and then also trigger Astronomical Atlas or play Practice Makes Perfect in the triggered ability window immediately afterwards to effectively commit a second card? A: MJ encourages you to think of the rule stating you can commit 1 card to another player’s test as a permitted amount, but not a hard limit. Card effects can enable you to commit more than 1 card to another person’s skill test.
    • With Daredevil, you can commit it and the card it searches for to another investigator’s skill test.
    • With Practice Makes Perfect and Astronomical Atlas, both allow ways for you to commit an additional card to an eligible skill test, regardless of if you already committed to that test already.
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I wrote a question to FFG's official rules forum.

Q: What would happen when I commit card like Daredevil or Copycat to another player at my location? Will the cards see no legal targets for the "after" ability since you can only commit 1 card to another player per skill test and I have already committed the Daredevil/Copycat as the one card? The other way I see it is that it lets you commit another card through the ability because of the Golden Rule. If that is the case does the same work for cards like Practice Makes Perfect or Butterfly Effect?

A: The rules permit each investigator to only commit 1 card to a skill test performed by another investigator. However, investigators may use card effects to commit more than 1 card in this way. In other words, the rules permit only 1 card to be committed, but it’s not a hard maximum. If you commit something like Daredevil with your 1 allowed committed card, you may use Daredevil’s ability to then commit a second card, and that is totally legal. Same goes for any other effect that instructs you to commit 1 or more cards.

nikee40 · 4
Indeed. There's no rule saying you can't commit more than one card to a skill test by another investigator, it's just that *some* effect has to permit you to commit a card and the framework step itself only lets you commit one. — Thatwasademo · 53
This is very useful for Winnifred, since she can draw a card after committing Daredevil or Copycat to another player's test (provided those skills' effect finds a target). — Thatwasademo · 53

So, the 0 Exp version of the card allows us to discard our whole deck except weakness cards in case it's the only rogue skill card we play. To what purpose? Live fast and die young? Probably. But we can think about some shenanigans like playing improvised stuff that will replenish our now very thin deck afterwards: Improvised Weapon, Winging It, Impromptu Barrier. Other interesting options are A Glimmer of Hope and Miss Doyle's cat's (Augur, Hope, Zeal). Of course reaching 1 lonely card in the deck is extremely difficult. Daredevil has the right trait for Practice Makes Perfect, and of course is good target for No Stone Unturned. Mixing so many classes seems impossible, so maybe if we want to play Daredevil in this evil way we should look at Versatile. Another option is to play Survivor/Rogue, bring enough beers to our boardgame afternoon and ask for help to our fellow seeker player. Just promise eternal friendship to our drunk teacher in exchange for his No Stone Unturned.

Matamagos · 4
This could be a good way for Wendy to get into Amulet-recursion-shenanigans-range. More efficient than trying to draw through your deck with Lucky Cigarette Case and Pickpocketing. — Zinjanthropus · 225
Could also be interesting as a form of pseudo-draw for Parallel Skids if he's planning on playing A Chance Encounter (2) and Double Double + Scrounge. Also his Elder Sign. — Zinjanthropus · 225
I believe the drawing cards rules state that "When a player draws two or more cards as the result of a single ability or game step, those cards are drawn simultaneously. If a deck empties middraw, reset the deck and complete the draw." So actually- you just keep drawing until you die from sanity damage — masterearth · 1
Playing this card as your only rogue card:Instant death because in theory you will discard forever :D — Makaramus · 5
that would be true if it were drawing cards, but discard doesn't work that way. when the deck runs out of cards you stop discarding. if you haven't found a target it just whiffs — Zinjanthropus · 225
if committed when Wendy's Amulet is in play, do you have an opportunity to play each _Fast_ event as they are discarded? — An_Undecayed_Whately · 918

(review edited 2023-09-10)

Disclaimer: this interpretation is just mine, and not offical one.

Original version: if all of the following conditions hold, discarded weakness would not be shuffled into the deck. It means that the weakness can be passed.

  • Only the single weakness card is discarded.
  • No compatitable rogue skill card exist. It means all cards in the deck should be discarded.
  • The test is initiated during the playing a card (commonly event) or during the revalation of the effect.

This is reinterpretation of FAQ point 1.13, linked here.

Taboo 2.1 (2023-08-30): if all of the following conditions hold, discarded weakness would not be drawn. It means that the weakness can be passed.

Notable things:

  • The number of weaknesses in the deck is not important, now.
  • The deck is needed to be rebuilded and cannot stay discarded.

This is reinterpretation of the offical FAQ related to Pilfer found in offical FAQ document and arkhamDB Pilfer FAQ.

elkeinkrad · 473
I believe the drawing cards rules state that "When a player draws two or more cards as the result of a single ability or game step, those cards are drawn simultaneously. If a deck empties middraw, reset the deck and complete the draw." — masterearth · 1
It's not draw though - it's discard. Elkienkrad is correct. — Eggzavier · 1