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Сыщики в вашей локации могут передать друг другу сколько угодно активов-вещей, активов-союзников и ресурсов.

Опасно действовать в одиночку.
Adam Lane
Наследие Данвича #18.
Работа в команде


(from the official FAQ or responses to the official rules question form)
  • You can exchange control of assets in play; you cannot trade cards in hand.

  • You can give resources from one investigator to another; you cannot place tokens from one card in play to another.
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Teamwork struggles in the course of normal play unless your group goes out of its way to coordinate unlikely asset combos, and even then playing this card likely slows the group down compared to playing independently functional decks.

This card struggles to be consistent, but it's worth noting that because it has the Tactic trait Mark Harrigan can take it.

SorryLaurie · 556
I can’t tell if this is a joke for 200 characters but mark has full guardian access so he can play it anyway. — Django · 4973

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Teamwork is a card that, on it's own, requires such a knowledge of the resource dependency of not just your own deck but each of your fellow investigators' decks as well to determine it's usefulness, that the effort involved in getting and analysing that information is better spent picking a different card and doing something more meaningful with your time. However, Teamwork also has the benefit of facilitating some jank, of which I'm going to detail three such instances below:

First, poverty decks, defined by decks that centre around Dark Horse, have an annoying catch-22; they need to have the resource expenditure to get your resources to zero in order to facilitate Dark Horse, but also be cheap enough to operate without resources once Dark Horse hits the field. The solution is usually cards that have additional avenues for spending resources, AKA Fire Axe and Dig Deep, but investigators that can take guardian and survivor cards have a third option; donating your resources away with Teamwork. So William Yorick, Tommy Muldoon, "Ashcan" Pete, and Zoey Samaras will probably want to including at least one copy of Teamwork, should they decide to go the poverty route.

Second, a deck archetype I call the Charity Gala, with none other than Jenny Barnes in a full support roll. Coupled with Charles Ross, Esq. and Joey "The Rat" Vigil, its main purpose is to bankroll the rest of your team, either by paying for their assets, for straight up giving them money with Teamwork. The Ally exchange part will actually see use as well in this deck; Joey "The Rat" Vigil is a stupidly expensive card, but his effect, and highest health/sanity values, are useful to any investigator, especially if Jenny foots the bill, and Charles Ross, Esq.'s discount affects everyone regardless of who's controlling him.

Third, and while I usually don't advocate begging, I'll make an exception for the poorest investigator in the game bar none; Mark Harrigan. I cannot stress enough how much Mark struggles with economy. Not only is he restricted to guardian, neutral, and lvl 0 tactic cards (AKA "I've had worse…", Emergency Cache, and Act of Desperation), but he also has the fastest draw-engine of all the investigators (which impoverishes him more as he loses out of the one resource stipend gained from drawing cards in the upkeep phase), AND he's disinclined from including the cheapest type of cards in his deck; skill cards, on account of having an on-demand Unexpected Courage most the the time. If you're willing to sell your dignity, then do take Teamwork when playing Mark, because Lord knows he needs every scrap of economy he can get.

Lucaxiom · 4064
I don't get it - why does Mark lose out on the upkeep resource again? — TheNameWasTaken · 3
Mark doesn’t struggle that bad with economy. His card advantage is the best out of all Guardians, and Stick to the Plan helps that even further. His resource gen as a result isnt bad either with Ever Vigilant, and Act of Desperation and Thompson 3 go a long way as well. I dont think I would take Teamwork in Mark just for resources. Play E Cache instead? — StyxTBeuford · 12943
I think skill cards are really good as Mark. They complement Sophie's boosts very well! — CaiusDrewart · 3046
Teamwork is strange with bonded cards, like hallowed mirror. It doesn't leave play, so the owner still keeps the bonded cards, but saves a slot. Regarding mark, you don't have to use his ability, if your hand is full but you're missing ressources to play them. — Django · 4973
Another reason why Mark might want to use teamwork: to take control of Jessica Hyde from a friendly Survivor. — Zinjanthropus · 225
With the sheer power of Hunters Armor and Runic Axe, this card is stronger than it used to be, yeah? A character like Carson can use this to hand nasty items like these off to allies more qualified to use them — The Nue · 1
You forgot the jankiest jank of all: Getting rid or taking control of Charon's Obol in juuust the right moment (: — AlderSign · 225

It is an excellent card in unique circumstances. For example, this saved in 'Stick to the Plan' and a Rogue in the party that generates a lot of resources suddenly makes expensive cards not so expensive to use for the entire party. You lose one round coordinating in exchange for bringing the 'big guns' combo of your deck, this can turn over on an elite encounter.

The bad part is that you are limited to a Guardian and a Rogue, and having too many expensive cards (for this to be useful) can be counterproductive early.

mlucas · 2
I feel, the card only got worse with the growing card pool. All classes got their own cash cards, Schoffner's can even pay for others, as long, it's just for items, hence won't help to play a Agency Backup, that's "Uncage the Body" from TSK is for. There are a lot of cards, that can do stuff for other investigators, and each of them is a small nail in the coffin of Teamwork. No need to shuffle some soak around, given how many cards (in particular in Guardian) can soak for others. So this card is mainly for jank like passing a firearm to Lilly. — Susumu · 351
Well yes the expanding cardpool reduces this card's value in terms of helping a player with a struggling economy, but increases the potential for ridiculous jank setups such as the sled dog army. This isn't a card to generally include in any deck, but for groups that like to coordinate an involved plan for some fun jank. Just the fact that this card exists blows the walls of deck building wide open for folks who like to look for unique group deck builds. — rockmaninoff · 3