String of Curses

Another investigator in Alessandra Zorzis team with access to this card can kill her weakness Zamacona with a single action after Alessandra Zorzi parlayed to add 1 doom to him. Depending on the doom threshold you could even wait a few turns to gain more than 1 resource. Remember that he gains only 1 doom per round from her parleys and she can't parley with him, so she can't use this strategy herself to get rid of him. I think this is very helpful so she doesn't need to add non-parley cards to her deck just to deal with him.

Django · 4974

I've played this card in a couple of decks now, and while it's solid just as a recurring skill boost, it feels like the real powerhouse use is in Short Supply/Scavenging or Short Supply/Yorick decks.

Those decks often have a weird dip in power in the mid-late game, because with a little draw acceleration, you end up reshuffling your deck. This puts your weaknesses back into your card pool and cripples your recurrence. With Persistence however, you can consistently stop yourself from decking out, which lets you sit at your most powerful board state indefinitely.

ggiles · 419
Speak to the Dead

This combined with Favor of the Moon seems absolutely nuts. You only ever spend 1 offering and can get back a spell guaranteed every time, until you’ve used up all 3 of your Favor tokens.

The interesting thing is the wording here implies that you wouldn’t be putting the curses back into the token pool, you’d put them back into the bag after revealing them with SttD. Then FotM reads “When you would reveal a chaos token from the bag, exhaust [this]: Resolve a token sealed here instead, as if it were just revealed from the chaos bag.”

Since SttD is only “revealing” the curse token and it is not during a skill test, then the curse token does not trigger an additional draw, and goes back into the bag. So, if I’m understanding this right, it goes like this:

Action, Spend 1 offering: Parley. Choose your spell. Reaction, exhaust FotM: Resolve a sealed curse token instead of a random one from the bag. Return the spell to your hand. Put the formerly-sealed curse token into the bag. Gain 1 resource.

doesn't work. Tokens are only resolved during skill text. SttD only reveals tokens. FotM only resolves tokens. — Adny · 1
to clarify, you cannot trigger FotM, because you cannot resolve any part of it's ability (as tokens can only be resolved as part of a skill test). Presumably, resolving a token still counts it as being revealed, or we have all been playing the covenants/cursed spells wrong. — Adny · 1
As I know, the review works. It's because "resolving token" is not precisely defined in the rule. In the rule reference, only how to resolve during skill test is stated. — elkeinkrad · 473
that's exactly it - since you can only resolve a token as part of a skill test, you cannot use it outside of skill test — Adny · 1
But then you could never successfully activate SttD, since it's never a skill test. For my understanding you can reveal the curse with FotM and resolve SttPs effect. But since it's no skill test you don't draw an other token and put the curse back in the bag not in the pool. — Tharzax · 1
Even that is wrong. The token is only removed from FotM as part of its resolution. There is no mention of unsealing it or anything on FotM, so it would stay sealed. — Adny · 1
I think there isn't anything preventing the use of FotM for SttD, as it says " When you would reveal a chaos token from the chaos bag, exhaust Favor of the Moon: Resolve a token sealed here instead..", and you ARE resolving a token for SttD - you just won't be resolving the Curse token per se, as it is not a skill test, so its effect of being taken back to the pool wouldn't solve. So, would it stay sealed at FotM or would it be sent back to the Chaos Bag? — Gsayer · 1
I don't see any problem using Favor of the Moon with Speak To The Dead. For one thing FotM’s trigger is “when you would reveal a chaos token” and SttD instructs you to reveal tokens, so the language is consistent. FotM also includes the instruction “Resolve a chaos token sealed here instead, as if it were just revealed from the bag,” so the curse token would go back in the bag (which is how we would resolve any curse token drawn from the bag without using FotM). There have sure been some curveball rulings from FFG lately so anything is possible, but based solely on the text of the cards I don't see any problems with this combo. — Pseudo Nymh · 42
I'm fairly confident that it does work. The language on Favor of the Moon is a bit odd when you drill down into it since it replaces a reveal step with a resolve step, which seems to be the root of the objection: "When you **would reveal** a chaos token from the chaos bag, exhaust Favor of the Moon: **Resolve** a token sealed here instead, as if it were just revealed from the chaos bag. Then, gain 1 resource." I think it would be clearer (presuming I'm right) if favor of the moon just said "...treat one of the tokens sealed on this card as the revealed token instead..." as the key text, since it replaces a revealed token with a "revealed" token rather than introducing resolution into the mix. I think that if favor of the moon were intended to only change how things resolve and not work with how things are revealed, then it wouldn't work with cards like Paradoxical Covenant and Armageddon, which I hope we agree is ridiculous since they came out in the same set and from a design perspective seem obviously intended to work together. — Gws · 69
Eldritch Tongue

With this already out on the table, you can kill any non-Elite enemy in the game with String of Curses and 2 actions and 1 total resource (but you need to have started with 2 resources to make it work.) Play it to auto evade and add the doom, then use Eldritch Tongue to use String of Curses again from your discard pile for the 2nd effect and auto kill it. And you get the 1 resource from the second play back even! Curse them directly into the grave! I'm pretty sure this works since it is not dealing them any damage, just auto defeating them.

Kickface · 22
Yes, this works. And it even puts them in the victory display, should they have victory. There is a particular nice enemy in Hemlock Vale for that tech. — Susumu · 351
Can you double,double events played from the discard with eldrish tongue or do they get removed from the game before DD reaction? — Ramun · 378

Such a weird card that obviously rocks in Finn Edwards.

When to play it? Check if your location has enough clues (better in multiplayer, of course) and a higher shroud value than the enemy's evade value. That's it, you're good to go! Usually with Finn you are a bit better at evading that at investigating, anyway, so Transmogrify lets you gather clues with a higher chance of success and without spending an action.

Combine this with Bait and Switch or Gené Beauregard to milk the attached enemy even further by either moving clues to its location OR bringing it with you as you move to the next location yourself.

AlderSign · 226
Wait...with Transmogrify the enemy cannot move, so only clues can, even from or to the specific enemy's location!! — Piegura · 1
Corrected, thank you. — AlderSign · 226
;-) — Piegura · 1