Heirloom of Hyperborea
Artifact from Another Life

Актив. Accessory

Item. Relic.

Цена: 3.
Символы навыков:
Здоровье: 3. Рассудок: 3.

Agnes Baker deck only. Advanced.

Only damage and/or horror from player card effects can be assigned to Heirloom of Hyperborea.

After you play a Spell card: Draw 1 card.

Dani Hartel
Bad Blood #18.
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There is no card page for Parallel Agnes, so let me leave this here for you all instead. For anyone wondering what that even is, its some fantastic free content from a recent FFG article (Link here)


Hello Agnes, my old friend

I've come to play with you again

A cool new version of you just crept in

Left its cards while I was sleeping

While the version of you smiting with your brain

Still remains

It feels most sound with violence


In early days you walked alone

Signature cards that made us groan

That weakness gave your brain some cramp

Your Heirloom collar needed a revamp

That elder-sign never did much to excite

None of them quite

Work when you’re bound to violence.


And in your new Agnes I saw

Potential spell events galore

Grabbing clues without Rite of Seeking

Dealing damage without a Shrivelling

Spell events, replayed with their expenses spared

As few had dared

When you were bound to violence


Tools that I feel I barely know

Hypno Gaze now feels pro!

Hear my words that I might teach you

With a recurring HP soak or two

You can do this for almost all the game


Soaking all the pain... in silence


And then the people proudly played

The event spell machine they made

Your elder-sign gave out its healing

Your Heirloom makes sense when it keeps drawing

Dark Memory burns only horror that standing in full bloom

Making the doom

Safer, to delay, in silence

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