Брат Хавьер
Чистый духом

Актив. Союзник


Цена: 5. Опыт: 1.

Здоровье: 3. Рассудок: 3.

У вас +1 .

На «Брата Хавьера» можно назначать раны и/или ужас, нанесённые другим сыщикам в вашей локации.

Когда «Брат Хавьер» побежден: Нанесите 2 раны одному врагу в вашей локации.

J. Edwin Stevens
Мискатоникский музей #106.
Брат Хавьер


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Brother Xavier is a bit weird. Why would I want +1 in a Guardian card in my Ally slot? And he can soak up other investigator's damage. And if he's discarded he does damage, a bit like a Beat Cop (0)? What kind of strange combination is this?

Yet the thing is ... he's really good. That +1 helps an investigator like Roland or Skids avoid sanity damage from the encounter deck. 3 health / 3 sanity is awesome, and he can tank for anyone in his location. And should things get desperate, and you find yourself in combat, he can use all his health and sanity and then do a meaningful amount of damage to get you out of trouble. In short, he's awesome.

I think Brother Xavier is actually better than Beat Cop (2); only slightly more expensive, cheaper in terms of XP, and can do as much damage. Beat Cop only wins if you really need that +1 combat, and can live without that extra sanity and willpower...

AndyB · 932
Mark Harrigan is really the investigator who will take this to the next level. He already has the Combat to not really need Beat Cop and it is another card he can use to soak damage for other players and draw cards. Plus he really appreciates the extra Sanity and Willpower Bonus. — ksym77 · 91
Beat Cop can do a total of 3 damage, not 2. With heals like Inspiring Presence and Emergency Aid, he can do way more. Not that I don't love BroX; I think he's terrific, but in terms of damage output, — SGPrometheus · 776
Brother Javier + Survival Knife = 4 damage minimum in one turn of doing whatever you else you like. With Yorrick, you could literally spend 3 turns (reliant on min-damae) gathering resources enough to bring him right back in after he's dead. Max potential: 1 resource per extra action (just do other stuff while the enemy suicides on the knife and Javier). — crymoricus · 233
oops, I don't know why I was thinking he cost 3 resources. Oh well, still worth a think! — crymoricus · 233
Actually, the more I think about it, the more I realize you could sorta build a deck around this guy/survival knife with Yorick. I'm thinking Kerosene/Emergency Aid, and only wasting actions on that sort of maintenance when you don't have the 5 resources to bring him back. The action economy seems good on this. Gonna try it! — crymoricus · 233
sort of good thematic fit with Zoey, and could help her get clues with Sixth Sense — Zinjanthropus · 225
Brother X. also combos well with Blood Eclipse, especially considering Guardians probably need his sanity more than his health. I did 6 damage to a boss enemy in one action! For only 1 resource (excluding Xavier's cost, but his sanity soak was also useful earlier). — Zinjanthropus · 225

One of my most memorable plays with Brother Xavier was at the end of Dunwich Legacy, where I was facing a big 5 health enemy, and had Brother Xavier in play.

I played upgraded Dynamite Blast, which put 3 damage on me (well, on Brother Xavier) and then 3 plus 2 on the enemy. Not that memorable in terms of fluking a lucky draw from the chaos bag, but testless 5 damage in a single action was incredible.

No, what made it memorable was thematically I think we can all work out what Brother Xavier did. What a noble sacrifice.

Phoenixbadger · 195
Costly tho — MrGoldbee · 1416
I feel like Brother X. has a lot of combo potential. Dynamite is one. Blood Eclipse is another. — Zinjanthropus · 225

The soak ally. He soaks for you, he soaks for others. The willpower doesn't hurt, but he's honestly too expensive for that and the ally slot without charisma too valuable. You should try Police Badge and Bandolier before playing xavier for the +1

If you want to aggressively keep the map free from enemies, you should look for allies in the local police station.

As a defensive card in a slot important for the offensive, he is probably preferred over Beat Cop(2) only by Diana Stanley and Carolyn Fern, who likely do not want the +1.

Mataza · 18
The real reason you play him is the 2 damage on kill. Some Guardians have good enough economy to play him reliably (Zoey and Tommy especially), while others will take him on high difficulties just for the testless damage. — StyxTBeuford · 12943
Beat Cops do testless damage better. They're cheaper, buff a relevant stat, and don't need to die. I ran both in a hard campaign — Mataza · 18
Yeah was gonna say, you would often take both I think. — StyxTBeuford · 12943
After using upgraded beat cop calling in favors for Xavier? — Django · 4973