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Бой. Эта атака использует вместо . У вас +2 в этой атаке за каждую улику на карте атакованного врага. Используйте это свойство только против врага-чудовища.

Negotium perambulans in tenebris…
Romana Kendelic
Неизмеримые и невидимые #254. Неизмеримые и невидимые #19-22.
Тайное заклятье

There are 4 copies of this card in Undimensioned and Unseen Pack from #19 to #22. I suggest to modify it. .

IT Luca 90 · 2
I dont understand. There’s four of them because you can have 4 investigators, all of whom would get one. This isnt a player card, it’s only uses in that scenario. — StyxTBeuford · 12054
Used* — StyxTBeuford · 12054
I believe what IT Luca 90 is pointing out is that in ArkhamDB this card is listed as “Undimensioned and Unseen #19” while most cards in the database that have multiple copies list a range, so the card information on this site should be updated accordingly. — Death by Chocolate · 581