Цена: 2. Опыт: 2.


Сбросьте 1 карту с руки: У вас +2 к навыку в этой проверке. (Не чаще 1 раза за проверку.)

Когда нет другого выбора, остаётся только быть храбрым.
Joshua Cairós
Потусторонний предел #160.
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If you're Patrice Hathaway, just put that inside as a first upgrade. No question about it.

But if you're not.... :)

Still joyfull times. I can finally make decks that don't have Unexpected Courage inside as an obligatory inclusion. That's of course not a direct replacement that's ultimately better, but a solid thing to consider for consistency:

  • It's repeatable, but it costs you an action and resourcesto install
  • It's always there, but if you rely on it too much it just eats cards, that are already eaten by Duke or Wendy Adams signature ability
  • You'll be good at any test, but you'll also be heavily tempted to use it all the time. That's a serious risk for cautious players. Madame Labranche will be triggered more often, that's for sure.
  • It gives good use to an unplayable second copy of an asset that's already on the table like Lone Wolf or Rabbit's Foot or any other accessory you like
  • It does not directly compete with any of supporting assets, other then the fact that you can't really spend the whole scenario building your tableau
Onetribe · 283
A pretty valuable asset for William Yorick: discard a leather jacket to fight a monster, kill the monster and play the jacket from the discard! — mogwen · 252
Agree, this is definitely a Yorick card. He loves running a ton of items (with terrible icons), and he loves committing them to skill tests to get him in his discard. On the other hand, the 2-resource cost of Cornered is actually a big problem for him. It might well be worth it, but it's tough to handle when he was already the most cash-strapped investigator in the game by some margin. — CaiusDrewart · 3042
*to get them in his discard. — CaiusDrewart · 3042
I don't think the 2-resource cost is an issue. The huge benefit Yorrick gets from this card overpasses that so much that you can't even think of it as a downside. I actually want to play Yorrick almost exclusively because of this card!! — matt88 · 3032
Can someone explain to me why being 'cornered' is a 'talent'? — Difrakt · 1272
Maybe it is meant to be a boon and bane to fight best when you are cornered? — Synisill · 790
I'dd just like to add that this is also a great Minh card. With Feed the Mind, Acidic Ichor and Cornered in play you basically have an infinite number of cards to feed into whatever you want to do, and do everything but evade like a champ! — Tsuruki23 · 2483
I've also found it very interesting in combination with Yaotl. I'm currently trying that deck in TFA, and so far, it's an excellent way to get things like desperate cards into the discard. — Eldan · 4
I can confirm perfect combo with Yaotl. Next good combination was discarding Winging It for +2 and immediately playing it from discard pile to get more clues. — johniez · 3
Do you guys know what happens if you have 2 of these cards in play? can i use the 2nd instance of cornered for the same test? — le_asmo · 1
@le_asmo: Yes, you can use 2 copies for the same test. „Limit“ refers to a card itself (unlike „Max“). — Astrophil · 1
Does not cost you an action — Gorkygorky · 1
Does having a second copy of cornered in play allow you to discard two cards per test? — Dhanos · 2