Существо. Флора.

Бой: 3. Здоровье: 6. Уход: 3.
Раны: 1. Ужас: 1.

Бдительная. Мститель.

Обязательно — После того как «Хищная лиана» провела против вас внеочередную атаку: Проверьте свои припасы. Если у вас нет складного ножа, потеряйте все оставшиеся у вас действия и завершите свой ход.

Победа 1.
Guillaume Ducos
Сердце древних #219. Столпы судьбы #7-8.
Хищная лиана


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Apex Strangleweed always feels like it should be stronger in some way. It has retaliate and alert, but both tests are at a fairly low skill level, and you encounter this in the fourth scenario when you should be easily able to clear a 3 test. Losing all actions would be rough were it not for the fact that this is only AoOs. It's also perfectly situated to be killed with one turn of fight actions, with VP that stops it from going back in the deck.

This card would probably be more relevant if it had a per investigator health modifier that kept it around for multiple turns or was harder to cut down. As it stands, It's hard to justify ever grabbing pocketknife to help deal with this card.

SorryLaurie · 538