Пока в игре хотя бы 3 безысходности, считайте, что у «Прорицания» есть дополнительный (или , пока в игре хотя бы 6 безысходности).

Конец близок.
Torstein Nordstrand
Нарушенный круг #34.


(from the official FAQ or responses to the official rules question form)
  • Q: How does this skill work in combination with the ally Yaotl (which has an ability that gives you skill boost based on the number of matching icons on the top card of your discard pile)? A: The abilities on skill cards are only active while they are being committed to a skill test, unless otherwise specified. In this case Prophesy will only have its printed icon while it is in your discard pile, hand, or any other state other than while it is being committed to a skill test. (This includes an effect that says something like "discard a card from your hand with at least X icons...")
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Someone explain to me how this card is better than "Unexpected Courage." Or even as good. I can't find a good reason to include it in any deck. It is worse until Doom is at 3, then better when Doom reaches 6. How often does that happen? I'm building a Marie deck and thought it would fit in well with her pro-Doom tendencies, but on analysis it is just a poor version of a common, neutral card. Convince me.

crispy66 · 4
I'll do you one better: I think the whole cycle of these skill cards are unplayable, except the resource one for rogues. In general they provide worse support than the desperate skills. — SGPrometheus · 776
I dont know who is telling you it’s better than UC. It’s not, but if you’re someone like Patrice a usually worse but sometimes equal or better UC isn’t bad at all. It’s sometimes UC 3 and 4, and that’s ok. I definitely dont think the cycle is unplayable though. Even Curiosity, my og vote for the worst of the 5, has use now with the hand size archetype formed from Dream Eaters and Harvey Walters cards. — StyxTBeuford · 12943
Steadfast is amazing for most guardians, since they tend to have lower sanity and the early game boost of head commits (even staying as 2 heads for most of the scenario) is very good. It's better than UC because they now have plentiful tools to heal (e.g. Hallowed Mirror, Empty Vessel) to go back up above the threshold. — robert054321 · 1
This one has definitely never impressed me too much when I've included it, but I don't think being worse than Unexpected Courage necessarily makes it bad. Unexpected Courage is an auto-include in nearly every deck. — Zinjanthropus · 225

This is worse than 'Unexpected Courage' as a standalone card. You just can't consistently time important checks to get that extra '?' icon. It isn't hard to use it with two icons though, so it's not that much worse.

But unlike 'Unexpected Courage', 'Prophesy' can be tutored by 'Practice Makes Perfect.' An investigator with access to just the seeker and mystic pools has a pretty shallow pool of practiced skills with 'Perception' and 'Deduction' as the obvious standouts.

With 4 targets in a 30-something card deck, the odds of missing a search with PMP are significant—especially if you've already played PMP once. So if you want to be sure you won't waste that card and possibly fail the skill test, 'Prophesy' is a reasonable addition. For my part, I've done this in a Mandy Thompson deck and have not been disappointed.

I wouldn't look at this card in any other situation though.

time_cube · 4
Upcoming Amanda Sharpe also probably wants it as it’s a fair choice to throw under her even at 1 icon. — StyxTBeuford · 12943

A binder filler, unfortunately. Depending on the scenario, it could be better than an Unexpected Courage or worse, but the reward when it DOES work is not enough to justify it. I'm hard pressed to think of a single deck I would include this in, even a Marie Lambeau Doom deck. There are a few things that could be done to make this card, if not good, at least playable:

  • Reduce the threshold to get the bonus, maybe to 2 and 5. It would only be worse than Unexpected Courage if there is 0 or 1 Doom, and becomes better quicker.

  • Remove the word "Instead" at the end. In other words, it becomes an Unexpected Courage at 3 Doom, then twice an Unexpected (???? Icons) at 6 doom.

I don't think either of these options makes it a staple, great card. They just push it into being playable in the Doom archetype.

JunkerMethod · 55
Both Patrice and possibly Amanda do just fine with this card. Definitely not binder fodder imo, but like most Mystic skills it’s below par. — StyxTBeuford · 12943