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Первые двенадцать не сбылись…
Billy Norrby
Нарушенный круг #41.
Тринадцатое видение


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I may be wrong about this assessment, but I believe this card is essentially a more punishing version of the Haunted basic weakness. They do almost the same thing, but The 13th Vision affects all investigators whereas Haunted only affects the bearer.

For example, if you need to pass a 3 test with an investigator who has a base of 3 and you draw a "0" token, both Haunted and The 13th Vision will cause you to fail the test - Haunted would do it because it lowered your stat by 1 (causing a failure) and The 13th Vision would do it because you needed your stat to be one higher than the test to succeed.

The times where Haunted will be more punishing than The 13th Vision are tests like Rotting Remains where failing a test by 0 doesn't really mean anything.

Having 2 weaknesses that do very similar things does add a sliver of consistenty to an otherwise difficult-to-predict basic weakness pool, so overall I am glad to see a card like this one show up. It might be tough to deal with both weaknesses in play at the same time, though!

There is another way in which this weakness is worse than Haunted - difficulty 0 tests. Haunted can't make you fail those, while 13th Vision absolutely can. — TheNameWasTaken · 3
On the other hand, any cards that activate by being 2 or more over the target, or 2 or less under the target, prefer 13th Vision. — Prinny_wizzard · 251
Adding to the previous "On the other hand", any skill test that punishes you for each degree of failure is unaffected by The 13th Vision, as while you still fail the test on a tie, it will often end with things like "You take 0 horror", or "You place 0 clues on your location". — Lucaxiom · 4064

If it turns out, that you get this basic weakness as a , you might just as well consider the nice interaction it has with the "Edge of the Earth" set of dual class spells, in particular the level 4 versions, with their more severe drawbacks.

The catch is, that these never trigger, if you fail by zero. Of the four spells, the Brand deserves a closer look. It has the most severe drawback, so even a might consider it a bonus, if he has The 13th Vision and level 4 Brand on the table. You don't deal any damage, but you also lose just the , you just took to fight, instead of in the process. While you would normally over commit on the first two fight actions on your turn to not lose following actions, you rather do that on your last action, if the weakness is out, and often only, if you pulled bad on the previous actions. On the other hand, with the level 1 version, you strictly don't want to trigger this "combo", as you just lose an action either way, but you do so dealing up to 2 damage without the vision.

Not saying, this is amazing. The weakness also triggers on other tests, even from other investigators at your location. But let's be honest: this is not the worst of all basic weaknesses, you will often not find the time to clear it. Considering, that it will then wipe your spells from their special spillover effects, can be viewed as a bonus and makes these assets even better.

Susumu · 351

Important note especially for Hard/Expert players: this card means dropping the difficulty of a test to 0 to succeed on all non-autofail tokens will no longer work as a strategy as long as it is in play. Until you discard this, you'll be losing a lot of the value of cards like Flashlight.

Athe · 9

This card has a bizarre interaction with Lucky! and cards that care about succeeding by 2 or more, like Sharp Vision. Let's say you're up by 4 on an investigate test where you've committed Sharp Vision. If you draw the -2, hooray, you succeeded by 2 and you pick up an additional clue. If you get the -4, you still pass the test but no extra clue for you. Except if this card is out at your location, then no wait, you fail instead. That opens up the window to play Lucky!, giving you +2 skill value, and turning a failure into a succeed by two, netting you both clues. (Note that Lucky! (3) can also turn a failure into a succeed by two, but hey, that's 3 XP). It's a little like Daring Maneuver in that way, but just keep an eye open for this interaction.

dscarpac · 813