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Matthew Cowdery
Тайное имя #116.

Latest Taboo

This card’s ability is now a ability.

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With taboo (2020-10), ability is changed into ability; thus, you can trigger that ability 3 times only with 1 play and 1 resource. When you select any investigator's deck, this card ensures 1 draw which can be discarded before any revelation abilities are triggered.

  • (pro) 1-cost, 1- card providing 3 cards; cheap drawing source
  • (pro) you may discard the card drawn by it before revelation. (Note that you look a card and then discard it. It's legal you discard weakness in deck, and revelation effect is not triggered because you do not draw it but just look it.)
  • (con) you only can draw 1 card for 1 round.
  • (con) this card occupies your hand slot.

Of course, investigators may not consider this because has several instant drawing sources such as Preposterous Sketches, Deep Knowledge and many searching cards. Also, they have some good assets with hand slot such as Magnifying Glass.

But, investigators may wish this card. does not have any good drawing card and mostly relies on Arcane Initiate. Also, the hand slot of investigators is less important than other factions. Additionally, this can be a good target for Sacrifice after you use all secrets on this.

elkeinkrad · 473
Also worth noting: it’s draw for any investigator, any where. That and the weakness safety make it very good. It can also be a makeshift Scrying... — AndyB · 932
Scroll of Secrets got a major buff in the latest taboo. I think you are right about Mystics using this quite often. It is still great for Seekers but they have competitive hand slots. One nice synergy is L1 Mag Glass since it returns to your hand so you can play this and then get your 3 draws on 3 turns. But the kicker is that you can just discard any weaknesses drawn. This is just a great card now. — The Lynx · 971
It's still pretty good for Seekers since if you're using the latest Taboo, Rook costs 4 xp -- this fills the same role of "one action to search for 3 cards over 3 rounds", but for a hand instead of an ally slot, searching 3 cards instead of 9, and discarding weaknesses instead of also drawing them — Thatwasademo · 54
On those lines, it's worth noting that even though Seekers have very strong hand slot options (such as several different ways of getting a boost to Intellect), they can also gain additional hand slots. I can easily see Mandy for instance running Arcane Enlightenment and Scroll of Secrets (0) in her starting deck to replace the now-Chained Mr. Rook. (And as a bonus, now you can have two sources (or four, depending on how you count) of fast search in your deck if you're willing to shell out the 4 or 8 xp) — Thatwasademo · 54
@Thatwasademo Just remember that Scroll of Secrets doesn't 'search', it 'looks' - so it doesn't trigger Mandy's ability OR research effects. They primary distinction between search and look effects otherwise is that search effects always shuffle the deck afterwords, but look effects typically don't.. — Death by Chocolate · 1394
Ah, you're entirely correct. — Thatwasademo · 54

An interesting cheap card that would normally be a good comparison to Scrying. Scrying is already a tool that some people deem worth it and others do not. Certainly when interacting with the encounter deck, Scrying will be more flexible in preparing for what the group (or solo) would be encountering. You can keep delaying something with it or setup everyone for optimal draws in groups. Since the scroll of secrets is only dealing with a card you may never get to, or might want to be left there it might do little to nothing. And once you think the card on the bottom is ok and you would rather deal with it instead of something else. Well, then this card will no longer be useful "in the encounter deck". I think that interaction has little useful circumstance.

You could, if you wanted combo a little bit with Alyssa Graham and get rid of a card that you recently put to the bottom of the deck in the encounter deck, but outside a corner case such as that, it doesn't seem that useful against the encounter deck.

In regards to individuals player decks, I think that Daisy Walker should always be considered whenever we are dealing with a new tome that has been released. Would this be good for her? I think the comparison there would logically be Old Book of Lore. The cost of Scroll of Secrets is much cheaper, but has limited charges and only really examines 1 card at a time. But Daisy Walker would put this out to get a free draw for three turns (unless a treachery is seen, in which case you discard it). It's not a bad card, especially since if you are going with a draw mechanic to fuel Higher Education, you usually put more than Old Book of Lore in there for draw potential. But I think once you get the book out, you won't be using this, as you only get that free draw action between them once per turn. In this case, it seems like a decent include but nothing special.

With regards to Norman Withers, he also has the potential to put that card on the top of his deck in order to get a cheap interaction out of it instead of his hand which can reduce costs of cards over time if the card found was something that is currently playable at the time. So, it can act as a cost reduced draw action in some circumstances.

Overlay, I think it is an ok card that won't see all that much use. If there are other important interactions amongst and that I am missing out on that seem fruitful, please point them out in the comments.

Bronze · 183
In a Daisy deck, scouting your allies's decks for their weakness with Alyssa, then put them on the bottom and discard them with the scroll could be useful! — mogwen · 253
The upgraded version looks to be quite useful for Daisy. The text is cut off, but it looks to be three cards instead of one. — cb42 · 36
If I was playing Daisy and had both Scroll of Secrets and Old Book of Lore in my hand on turn 1, I'd play the Scroll of Secrets. Normally, your assets in play are more at risk from the Encounter deck than your cards in hand, so it's good to have cheap assets out, and you have resources left over to pay for expensive assets like Dr Milan Christopher. Enraptured also extends the lifetime of the card. — Katsue · 10
can it be used in Mandy Thompson? I understood no, but it is available in the deckbuilder — efialto2 · 10
Could be killer in coop with Wendy Adams. We could fish for the right event between what is already in the discard and what is at the bottom.. — batman14 · 7

With the taboo, in addition to it just being a pretty good "draw three cards", there are I think two investigators who might find its ability even more useful:

Both their weaknesses shuffle themselves back into your deck. Scroll of Secrets being able to discard weaknesses straight from your deck can give you a reasonable shot at getting rid of it for this run-through of your deck, especially if you only start using the scroll after you've just shuffled the weakness back in and your deck is starting to run thin.

Frost · 262
What about Ursula? Also combine with Alyssa to discard the top card instead. — Django · 4973
Harvey Walters against his weakness too ! — AlexP · 245
This also gets stronger in Standalone scenarios or at the end of campaigns where extra weaknesses have been added to your deck. It doesn't always work for every investigator that can take but you want to find a way to include this if you can. — The Lynx · 971
Discarding Sefina's weakness feels really good — Zinjanthropus · 225