Раскрытие — Пройдите проверку (5). При провале введите «Тревожные сны» в свою зону угрозы.

Обязательно — В конце вашего хода: Сбросьте верхнюю карту колоды контактов.

Обязательно — Когда в колоде контактов не осталось карт: Сбросьте «Тревожные сны» и откройте 10 верхних карт своей колоды. Возьмите каждую открытую слабость и сбросьте все остальные открытые карты.

Rafał Hrynkiewicz
Тайное имя #147. Тайное имя #34-35.
Тревожные сны
FAQs (taken from the official FAQ or FFG's responses to the official rules question form)
  • Q: There is some confusion as to when to shuffle the encounter deck: According to the RR: > If the encounter deck is empty, shuffle the encounter discard pile back into the encounter deck. There is a ruling from 'Smite the Wicked' which says: > Generally, you reshuffle the encounter discard pile into the encounter deck when it is empty, but not while you’re resolving an effect. I see that any effect that interacts with the deck (such as Parallel Fates) would wait to shuffle until after the card resolves; but: If I draw my card during the Mythos phase, emptying the deck, do I shuffle immediately; and thus my drawn card is the first card of the new discard pile? Or do I resolve the drawn card first, making it the last card of the old discard pile, then shuffle? A: When you draw the last encounter card during the Mythos phase, you should resolve it first, then place it in the discard pile, then shuffle the pile into a new encounter deck.
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