Skai. City.

Неясность: 1. Улики: 1.


"Very pleasant were the suburbs of Ulthar, with their little green cottages and neatly fenced farms; and still pleasanter was the quaint town itself..."
– H. P. Lovecraft, The Dream-Quest of Unknown Kadath
Frej Agelii
The Search for Kadath #127. The Search for Kadath #9.



Check Campaign Log. If the cats collected their tribute from the Zoogs, read the following:

One by one, the cats demand a tribute in the form of physical affection. Despite the urgency of your task, they rub against your legs, leap onto your lap, and do not leave until they are thoroughly adored.

Lose all of your remaining actions and end your turn.

If the investigators forced their way into the temple, read the following:

The next thing you know, the cats have you completely surrounded. They hiss and growl, closing in from all sides.

Spawn the Cats of Ulthar enemy engaged with you.


Flip this card back over.

As you walk the streets of the town, a horde of cats slowly congregates around you, following you everywhere you go.
The Search for Kadath #127.
Cryptic Souls


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