Oriab. Mountain.

Неясность: 3. Улики: 1.


Forced - After you enter Mt. Ngranek or discover 1 or more clues at Mt. Ngranek, if the investigators have not "obtained supplies from Baharna": Test (3) or (3). If you fail, lose your remaining actions and immediately end your turn.

Победа 1.
Nele Diel
The Search for Kadath #137. The Search for Kadath #19.



You have uncovered a Sign of the Gods (place 1 resource on the scenario reference card).

Shuffle 1 set-aside copy of Tenebrous Nightgaunt into the encounter deck, if able.

Flip this card back over.

As you begin your perilous climb, you realize that you are the only ones who dare to scale the mountain. Although woodsmen and lava gatherers explore its lower slopes, few brave the cliffs higher up on the northern face, and certainly none along the southern face of the mountain, which cannot be seen from the city below.
You eventually reach a valley of still lava, solid as rock. At the far end, a twisting, narrow path ascends the southern slope. When you reach the top, you find what you have been searching for: a face carved into the side of the mountain, hundreds of feet tall: the face of one of the Great Ones, or so it is told.
The Search for Kadath #137.
Mt. Ngranek
The Likeness of Old


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