Fortune. Blessed.


Max 1 committed per skill test.

You may commit Predestined to any type of test.

If this test fails, either add 2 tokens to the chaos bag or remove 2 tokens from the chaos bag.

Imad Awan
The Innsmouth Conspiracy #35.


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Unfortunately, this is probably one of the worst cards in the game and on the same page as Kukri as that it will never ever see anybody play it if they want an optimal deck. It is a shame that this card has one of the most beautiful artworks i have seen but can never find space in any deck that i make.

If they changed it to something like "After this test ends : Add 2 bless tokens to the chaos bag and remove 2 curse tokens from the chaos bag" it would still not see much play, but atleast you could maybe squeeze it in somehow if you are having fun with bless and curse mechanics. We already have Tempt Fate that for fast action give you 3 of both, so maybe this card could have been something similar, but with it not having any icons and requiring you to fail a test so you can get 2 pesky curse tokens out or add just 2 bless ones in if that is what you need is just a complete nonsense!

Very sad, and in a way a complete waste of already limited space that was saved for player cards in The Innsmouth Conspiracy, i wish we have gotten something playable!

Blood&gore · 390
Hopfully, we get an upgraded version in Return to that will be worth it — Nenananas · 250
I don't agree this opinion since Predestinated could be recurrently committed with Grisly Totem(3) and Drawing Thin(3)*2. Additionally, there are very few cards with curse removing effect. — elkeinkrad · 473
Yeah but if i already bought Grisly Totem(3) and Drawing Thin there are other better cards to combo it with, and even if we did buy it all it means we need 10-ish xp to actually use this card which gives us 2 blesses or 2 curses out? lol not worth it — Blood&gore · 390
I think, it might be a decent "scenario tech" card for the last two games from an Innsmouth campaign, where the game adds a lot of curse tokens into the bag on it's own. If you don't have decks that get value from the curses on their own, and in particular with Wendy, Preston or Bob, who can adapt into Predestined late without spending XP, these might be useful. But then again, Innsmouth is such an easy campaign with the current card pool, it is not strictly needed to win, and there are certainly more flashy options than this, though maybe not that many in red. — Susumu · 351
Totem+Drawing Thin combo is utilized with Take Heart, but sometimes we have the chance to use Predestinate. — elkeinkrad · 473
Moreover, you insist this card is one of the **worst** card in AHLCG. Do you really think that Predestinted is as bad as Book of Shadows(1) or Henry Wan? I think not, although Predestinate may be below the average. — elkeinkrad · 473
Yeah i still think it is one of the worst cards in this game. Henry, Book of Shadows, Kukri etc. as that it will probably never see any play, which sucks because of how limited space there is for player cards so when they make a card as bad as this i wonder what were they thinking — Blood&gore · 390
Fast speed, no cost, draw an elder sign is good no matter how many copies you have. — Zerogrim · 287
Yeah, it's versatile. — MrGoldbee · 1419
Zerogrim's comment is the best I've seen in ages — Valentin1331 · 60952

This is a failure card that the queen of failure, Stella, only wants in certain circumstances.

Here’s when it’s most useful:

-You’re playing with characters who put a lot of curse tokens in the bag,

-You’re in a big group and other people will be using the bag enough to drain the blesses;

-It’s your third action and your fourth action won’t involve a skill test. (Maybe you’re doing a track shoes test with drawing thin.)

Probably not the best pick, but Silas can make good use of this card. Throw it in with another card at a skill check. If you succeed, take back the predestined. If you fail, take back that useful skill card. With ancient covenant, each of those tokens might be a future success. Predestiny indeed.

MrGoldbee · 1419
This card pairs nicely with the Survivor Grisly totem if you can find a way to guarantee failure — dlikos · 131