Замысел. Stage 2

Безысходность: 5. Улики: –
"It had not seen me, but was simply obeying a general plan of cutting off my escape. This, however, implied that all roads leading out of Innsmouth were similarly patrolled..."
- H. P. Lovecraft, The Shadow over Innsmouth

Each Suspect enemy loses aloof and cannot be parleyed with.

Forced - When your turn ends, if you are at a fully flooded location: Take 1 damage and 1 horror.

Matt Dixon
In Too Deep #125. In Too Deep #3.

Pursued by Townsfolk - Оборот

A crowd gathers in the town square. At first you are relieved to see faces not bearing hideous, monstrous features: the prodigious, bulging eyes; wide jaws filled with sharp, jagged teeth; the gills, fins and webbings that suggest something fish-like and inhuman. Then you hear one voice rise above the din, and your heart turns to ice.
"The time is nigh! The Order of Dagon commands you! Slay the outsiders and any who stand in our way, and you shall be rewarded! You shall be remade and share in the riches of the deep!" a robed man shouts. The crowd rejoices in jubilant madness.

Increase the flood level of each Midtown location.

Spawn the set-aside Angry Mob at Innsmouth Square. Randomly choose 1 of the set-aside facedown keys and place it on Angry Mob without looking at it.

Relentless Tide
Relentless Tide


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