Замысел. Stage 4

Безысходность: 3. Улики: –
"Nothing that I could have imagined - nothing, even, that I could have gathered had I credited old Zadok's crazy tale in the most literal way - would be in any way comparable to the demoniac, blasphemous reality that I saw - or believe I saw."
- H. P. Lovecraft, The Shadow over Innsmouth

Each Suspect enemy loses aloof and cannot be parleyed with.

Forced - When your turn ends, if you are at a fully flooded location: Take 1 damage, 1 horror, and discard 2 cards at random from your hand.

Matt Dixon
In Too Deep #127. In Too Deep #5.

Swallowed by the Sea - Оборот

Water rushes through the town. The waves crash through dilapidated buildings, consume the streets, and destroy every standing bridge. Even the refinery is turned to rubble by the surging waters. Soon, Innsmouth is gone. You barely escape the raging sea.

In your Campaign Log, record Innsmouth was consumed by the rising tide.

Each investigator that has not resigned is defeated and suffers 1 physical trauma.

Rage of the Deep
Rage of the Deep


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