Spell. Spirit. Blessed.

Цена: 1. Опыт: 1.


Fight. You may use instead of for this attack. When you initiate this attack, search the chaos bag for up to 3 tokens, and seal them here. For each token sealed on Radiant Smite, you get +1 skill value and deal +1 damage for this attack. If this attack defeats the attacked enemy, return the sealed tokens to the token pool. Otherwise, release them.

Imad Awan
Devil Reef #153.
Radiant Smite


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Read this too fast and you’ll miss an amazing Nathan card. It’s that third word, “may“. So you can use your boxing glove bonuses and whatever else you have in order to lay the smack down on some weird fish creatures. Of course, there’s not much in your kit that generates those kind of tokens, but if you have a survivor or sister Mary going that route, there’s a lot of fun to be had. Holy boxing.

MrGoldbee · 1417
Looking like a great card for Mateo. He can have in scenario 1 with his starting 5xp. Yorick is also potential since he runs guardian / survivor & already loves rite of sanctification — Calprinicus · 5557
Mateo can attach to Dayana and has access to Keep Faith as well. Noice. — BlankedyBlank · 21
Potentially good for Calvin, as you can choose between using willpower or combat depending on whether you have more damage or horror. — Zinjanthropus · 225


Who knew the biggest Nuke in the arsenal would be Jesus themed?

Fulfill the prerequisites, which requires mechanics, then reap the rewards. Beware that kiling the target will "waste the tokens", which is often just quite alright since it usually results in a big dead monster. if the target survives, the bless tokens go back to the bag, which means you can do it all over again, or reap the blesses for easier tests on the next attacks.

The attack bonus can get outright huge, a key when youre playing on Hard, and it's flexible too, you can use either or and the +buff also swings the way you like, so it's an equally good card for Roland Banks and Sister Mary, although Sister Mary will have an easier time with the tokens.

Right now in my opinion the most dependable way to get the tokens as a non-Mary is to fill the bag right up with the Book of Psalms, alternatively as a Tommy or Yorick you can pre-empt Radiant Smite with a Keep Faith right when you need it. Other then that I am not adverse to Blessed Blade as a secondary weapon. In multiplayer you should definitely ask for help on tokens if you're going for Radiant Smite.

Tsuruki23 · 2486
In practice, the blessed blade is too slow as a bless generator for any purpose and the Book of Pslams too action-inefficient. The ineffectiveness of guardian bless generation outside of Mary is probably the only thing keeping Rite of Sanctification in check. Unfortunately, this means that unless you've survivor access or can depend on survivors teammates, Radiant Smite isn't feasible to field outside of Mary. — suika · 9311
Had amazing success with this with Diana. Used Holy Rosary (2) to fill up with bless tokens over the scenario. Then nuked the big enemy in one turn. Even using Hand of Fate works well with Diana to trigger her cancel reward and put bless tokens in the bag. Have Hand of Fate and Radiant Smite in your hand, go up against the boss, cancel his attack, add tons of bless tokens, use them on Radiant Smite. Repeat if possible. — lockque · 1