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На поправку


(from the official FAQ or responses to the official rules question form)
  • Q: How does Vincent Lee interact with Ancestral Knowledge? Vincent Lee adds copies of On the Mend to his deck, which are set aside when each game begins - do they count towards the deckbuilding requirement that the deck must contain at least 10 skills? A: Vincent Lee’s “On the Mend” skills would not count toward the required 10 skills of Ancestral Knowledge.
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Just as an FYI if someone is wondering if you are able to commit a On the Mend during a skill test (which is then in limbo) and are able to pull another one (if you are playing with more than one player) from out of play: It is possible. It was a little counter intuitive for me. I checked this with the super helpful people in the arkham horror boardgame geeks rules forum.

"Absolutely this is legal. I remember the first time I played Vincent in a four player game I made the mistake of sleeving one of each On the Mend in the matching colored sleeves that each player was using. I realized as I played that there were many, many opportunities for me to take an On the Mend while another one was in limbo so I changed them all to clear sleeves mid game. You musn’t think of your two On the Mends in a two player game as “his and hers.” You will often get into positions where you have one committed and the other in hand. I believe that’s both the letter of the law and also the intention."

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I use On the mend this way a huge amount of times, if you are playing with vincent don't hoard these, let vincent cycle them as fast as possible. — Zerogrim · 287