«Кодак» Даррелла
Неоспоримое доказательство


Вещь. Инструмент.

Цена: 2.


Только в колоду Даррелла Симмонса.

После того как в игру вошла карта напасти или врага, поверните «„Кодак“ Даррелла»: Положите на ту карту 1 ресурс из резерва как подтверждение.

После того как вы нашли любое число улик: Переместите на «„Кодак“ Даррелла» столько же подтверждений с врагов и/или напастей в той же локации (или не находящихся ни в одной локации).

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Алые ключи. Сыщики #16.
«Кодак» Даррелла


(from the official FAQ or responses to the official rules question form)
  • Q: Can the reactions on cards that start the game in play be triggered during scenario setup? Specifically, during Step 10 of Setting Up The Game, when enemies or treacheries may be put in play? Two example cards: 1) Can Bounty Contracts put bounties on enemies put out as part of scenario setup - are permanents in play at this point? 2) Can Darrell's Kodak be triggered during scenario setup to put evidence on enemies or treacheries - are cards that "begin the game in play" in play at this point? A: No to both; unless explicitly stated, you can’t resolve abilities before the game starts. Neither Bounty Contracts nor Darrell’s Kodak is able to affect the game during Setup. (One card that can, though: Sefina Rousseau with her Forced ability.)
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Darrell's Kodak is the only singular signature item bearing the investigator's name that is not unique. Is this difference from established precedent an oversight in development or is there a thematic reason?

luccros · 66
He actually has a total of 4 kodak's at home. He Just only brings one of them to each adventure. — PowLee · 20
Having a quick look, there have been some other signature item assets that aren't unique. "Tony's .38 Long Colt" isn't unique. Heck, he's got two of them! Also Joe Diamond has his "Detective's Colt 1911s". Jenny and Roland's firearms are unique, so go figure... — Yellow_Peril · 1
Only reason why Tony's gun isn't unique is because he has two copies of it: if they were, he wouldn't be able to play them at the same time or trigger their reaction to, unless otherwise specified — HeroesOfTomorrow · 42

Only a subset of encounter cards remain in play. Many have a revelation effect and are immediately put in the discard pile. For this reason, Darrell can get a lot more use out of his camera in higher player count games where more encounter cards are seen each turn.

The fact that he can place the evidence on enemies and treachery cards that investigators drew at any location (That hopefully have clues on them!) makes multiplayer the place that this card shines.

Finally, don't forget that many weaknesses are treachery cards so you can benefit off of your allies' misfortune. ;-)

david6680 · 56

This card is pretty scenario and player count dependent. Evidence on your own enemy can be hard to collect without getting attacked. You want treacheries that stay in play, or enemies not engaged with you. See this thread:


dubcity566 · 109