Цена: 1.


Уход. Эта попытка ухода использует вместо . При успехе и если враг не элитный, прикрепите к нему «Болас».

У прикреплённого врага –1 к значению ухода.

Обязательно — После того как прикреплённый враг переместился: Поверните его.

Rob Laskey
Алые ключи. Сыщики #25.


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This is a fairly interesting card that, like a lot of SK, is trying to expand the scope of guardian beyond 'kill literally everything, spend all of your actions planning to kill everything, monopilize killing.' At first it seems fairly questionable, but it is actually a fairly potent event when you evaluate it.

Many dangerous enemies are non-elite hunters. They tend to be the biggest concern for your team in most scenarios to deal with. But sometimes we need to remember... murder is wrong.

...not because of any moral issue mind, but because some snake god will get pissed, or you will anger the cops, or whatever. You know, actually important things!

In those cases, as long as you are remaining even remotely mobile, Bolas can be viewed as an instant kill effect for 1 resource and 1 card. That is a pretty good deal when you compare it to other 'less lethal' options for handling enemies like waylay or being the coolest person ever (wait... is that a cost?).

It is competing with handcuffs, which should tell you its intended use: Scenario tech. This kind of effect can literally trivialize an entire scenario if you know what you are facing ahead of time.

And like handcuffs you already should probably know if you want it or not, rather than put it into your deck blind. But unlike handcuffs its far better both blind runs if you really want a non-lethal tool 'just in case' and in mid campaign 'gaps' of scenarios between its intended use case, because even if your not totally hosing something you can't kill, 1 card and 1 resource is a heck of a deal for instantly handling something you in theory could kill but don't want to right now because it has 4-5 health and you don't wanna spend 2 actions handling it when you plan to just move on anyway. So while it probably won't fit into every guardian deck under the sun, it will likely be more common than Handcuffs, because beefy scary hunters with lots of health and high fight values but low evade values are not exactly uncommon. Even the -1 to future evades helps there, because it isn't too hard to push them down to a 0 difficulty test or at the very allow you to get to a decent success rate with a single committed event you never intended on using.

Obligatory 'this is great in TFA' is obligatory. But the fact it is so good in TFA needs to be noted to showcase how this card is much stronger than it seems. It isn't even just the fact that TFA literally punishes you for killing some hunters (though that helps), TFA just has a lot of really annoying non-elite hunters in that campaign with very annoying HP totals (who also happen to often have vengeance) that using bolas on would really help with due to having much lower evade values than fight, because as we all know handcuffing a snake is ridiculous, but tripping one is A-OK!

dezzmont · 203
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This strikes me as kind of awful. Pay 1, play action, use up a card to DO A TEST (not even an easy one at that). IF you pass, then the enemy gets -1 Evade (so what thats useless?), and it exhausts when it moves (kind of useless too, the enemy can already be in your space.

You might as well just kill the enemy than waste all those resources. Oh and it doesn't work with elite so you cant repeatedly stun a boss enemy.

fates · 49
Yea it is definitely the kind of card that is scenario dependent. There are occasions where killing an enemy is not the optimal route. Oddly enough, it's great for snakes to help avoid building up vengeance in TFA. — LaRoix · 1634
Tripped enemies don't cycle or spawn again. — MrGoldbee · 1413
Remember the enemy will still exhaust after the initial test, because it's still an evade action. As time goes on, there are more and more enemies in Arkham Horror that are better to evade rather than kill, and this card fills that spot very nicely. As LaRoix says, this seems very well suited to TFA. — snacc · 969
Reminder that exhausted enemies don't attack. So this keeps a hunter enemy from attacking you even if it reaches you (though it will be ready in your threat area come upkeep, which is why -1 evade is nice). — Yenreb · 15