Цена: 0. Опыт: 2.


Выберите сыщика в вашей локации. Он находит среди 9 верхних карт своей колоды 1 актив-оружие, добавляет его себе на руку или разыгрывает (выплачивая цену в ресурсах) и перемешивает свою колоду.

Robert Laskey
Алые ключи. Сыщики #36.
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Seems like a pretty decent upgrade in certain contexts. Reduces cost to zero and if you attach this to SttP it prevents the card from sitting dead if you already drew the weapons you needed in your opening hand by helping your other fighting investigator friends find what they need.

For 2 XP I do wish instead of the cost being reduced it was either fast or searched 12, then I think it'd feel like more of an across the board upgrade and would see play outside of larger multiplayer campaigns or traditional 1 cluever 1 fighter investigator groups.

It's kinda Fast, since you can immediately play the weapon if you've got the resources, so you're still saving an action... but you don't get the other benefits like ignoring AoOs. — Hylianpuffball · 26
With the math of how STTP+prep works out, searching 12 cards instead of 9 would only help you 1 in 100 games on a 4 weapon pull. Reducing the cost and playing the weapon fast however, is something that saves you a resource and an action every game, which is far more valuable. It also helps to contextualize this as a '1 XP card' if ran with Stick to the plan, as I think the value of the upgrade only really makes sense on STTP. The main cost to this is that you can't combo your new weapon with ever vigilant, which is a big deal for decks that spam a lot of assets (most guardians), but if you aren't sure you will have 3 cards to play I do think that starting with 1 more action actions is kinda nice. The main issue is that your paying 2 XP for an effect that will only matter 1 in 10 games roughly, but if you want to combo your weapons (survival knife maybe), you are likely to play this regardless. — dezzmont · 203
The big bonus is that you can target another investigator, who might avoid an AoO. But since you are a guardian and designed to handle enemies there are few situation where this upgrade might worth 2 xp. Probably if you play yorick and have a good chance to recycle this card or your friend play an investigator with a weapon as his signature card like Joe, Monterey or Diana — Tharzax · 1
This big bonus is kind of meh, I think. Yes, there are weapons in Survivor and Rogue, too. And evena few in Mystic or Neutral. But this doesn't mean, that getting a weapon or not is equally key for the deck to work in these classes. To make it good in these, it would need additional traits. Maybe in a way, that still makes it restricted to search for only one trait. Like: "Choose an investigator at your location. That investigator chooses a trait (Weapon, Tome, Tool or Spell), search the top 9 cards of their deck for a asset with this trait, adds it to their hand or plays it (paying its resource cost), and shuffles their deck." One additional bonus of this card, I can see is: PftW (0) is imho not that great in a level 0 deck. You can't put it on SttP, and it's value further improves, once it improves the odds of getting a high level weapon with it. So instead of either getting a sub-optimal card in your level 0 deck, or paying 1 XP for a level 0 card later in the campaign, you can choose this card for just 1 XP more. — Susumu · 347