Идол Танатоса
Хранитель безвременья

Актив. Аксессуар

Вещь. Редкая.

Цена: 3.


Когда вам наносят раны и/или ужас, поверните «Идола Танатоса» и сбросьте с руки до 3 карт: Отмените столько же ран/ужаса.

Его тяжесть успокаивала, а металл согревал кожу.
Steve Hamilton
Алые ключи. Сыщики #102.
Идол Танатоса


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This card is the best for Patrice Hathaway and makes her nearly invincible since she always gets "heal" back at 5 cards during upkeep phase. Moreover, this card can help her utilize useless cards in her hand every round.

Also, if you don't want to deal with Watcher from Another Dimension and are happy with 4 cards each round then Idol of Xanatos can be extremely helpful.

rongcond · 18
You’d have to be in dire straits to be taking that much damage a round. And the moon gem which can be played for zero actions is an even better pick. — MrGoldbee · 1413
@MrGoldbee what moon gem? — suds · 1
https://arkhamdb.com/card/06203 — MrGoldbee · 1413

Unbelievably bad for anyone but maybe, maybe patrice. How did this even get printed?

If I'm going to spend 3 resource and devote a slot to a pure soak asset I expect it to come with 3+ total durability. To make this better than that you'd have to throw away a ruinous number of cards.

The only advantage this has over conventional soak assets is that it takes up only one deck slot and can stick around absborbing potentially unlimited amounts of damage over a long scenario if you have enough draw to feed it. But because it's capped at 3 and can only trigger once per round, it's not even great potection from big burst damage.

Why you'd ever look twice at this if you could Perseverance or Talisman of Protection or Cherished Keepsake is beyond me.

I think you're undervaluing this card. You're comparing something like Lucky Cigarette Case to Deep Knowledge. Sure in small bursts Cherished Keepsake or Leather Coat can be better, but this card (as long as you have the draw power) is limitless. It's like a Peter and Jessica in one and instead of needing 6 resources, and 2 ally slots, you just need cards, which is very easy to come by these days for Survivors. Not to mention all the cards survivors WANT in the discard pile like Improvised Weapon or Winging it. The cap at 3 is negligible because you only draw one encounter each round and most treacheries do only that much damage (and it's not like the comparison examples you provided can tank much more). This card helped me keep Hank alive much better than most alternatives because of its reusability each turn, and once Hank has a weapon down, he does not need much else with his god-like stats. — Nenananas · 249
I don't use Drawing Thing so card draw in Survivor feels very limited to me. Take Heart is great but only gets you so far, I don't much care for rabbit foot, and Lebranche is strong but doesn't suit all strategies. That leaves Scavenging and cantrip skills. Wendy and Pete already have discard outlets, Yorick gets plenty of free plays to reload his soak, and Darrel's evidence can already trivialize a lot of damage sources. — OrionAnderson · 45
Great review. I laughed till I cried. — Maseiken · 1
I've found this card to be pretty strong in Scavenging Minh. With sufficient card draw Idol of Xanatos basically prevents you from ever dying, and discarding an item is actively useful in many cases. — SorryLaurie · 538
Hmm. that does sound like a decent combo ngl. OTOH, I feel like at level 0 it's hard to get this and scavenging down and proc scavenging often enough to really sustain it. Once you have some XP under your belt, using Scavenging 2 to directly put Keepsake, Leather Coat, or better yet the new Hunting Jacket directly into play seems better than messing around with this. — OrionAnderson · 45
The thing is, now that we have Hank, heal-like effects have a better reason to exist. While Talisman of Protection is great because it is fast, it doesn't protect you from 3 burst damage, which is the common case with an autofail on a treachery card. And one combo that you omitted, on top of Improvised cards, is with A Glimmer of Hope. Then all of a sudden, Hank has a 1 action, 1 cost, heal 3 combo. Yes it takes a lot of deck space, but guess what, Hank comes with an additional 5 cards in his deck. Also when speaking about draw, Survivors recently got one really good one: At a Crossroads. Altogether, I wouldn't add this card in all my decks, but I have used it (in Patrice, as you mention) and will most likely use it a few times again. IMO this is the perfect spot, especially for a lvl 0 card: niche and decent in it. — Valentin1331 · 59285

Ability : well representation of class. spending hand to do something. You will need quite some tutor power to run this card. which is generally stuffs.

Name : Idolising Thanatos, the god of death. seem quite cultism and to me. but yeah, good variety.

Interpretation : wearing a necklace should not physically tank you anything. Just your blind faith toward Xanatos give you confident to lucky dodge some hit and strong mind enough for some horror. Obsidian Bracelet should be the interpreted same way, just my opinion.

The weight of them was reassuring

best card so far BOOBA AWOOGA

Pawley · 24
Why do you need tutor power? It is not a card, you need early in a game. And even, if you would, it is an item (searchable with backpack), and it can be brought back from the graveyard, if you run "Short Supply" (Scavenging, Resourceful, Scrounge, ...) You probably mean general card draw to feed it? Which is also a seeker thing, but tutor means, that you are searching for a specific card. — Susumu · 347
oh sorry and thanks for correcting. I might not be familiar with card game vocab enough. that is exactly what I meant. just anyway to get any card on hand. — Pawley · 24
actual practical play : This card makes "fail into damage" more manageable. you can hold commit card and hope for luck more. eg. If you are on some typical test — Pawley · 24