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«Так… может, повернём назад?»
Roman Semenenko
Алые ключи. Сыщики #104.
Конец пути


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Very tough card to rate as it's extremely scenario/campaign dependent before you even consider how it fits into your deck. Obviously strong when you can actually play it, but how often does that happen? How often is the scenario result decided before this becomes playable?

Personally, I think this card is a bit of a trap in most cases. In a lot of scenarios, the toughest part of the game comes early, and the result usually comes from which way the game started snowballing. Either you easily handle what the encounter deck throws at you, get your engine running, and cruise to victory, or you suffer some setbacks, waste resources, and get stuck until your doom is assured. This card isn't needed to win in the first case, and does little to prevent the latter.

As much as I like the idea behind the card, I very much agree that its impact is just too little. Stragazing does more and still is not seen as a particularly strong card. Would End of the road be too strong if it also healed 1 damage and 1 horror? Probably not. And maybe a wild icon, so the card would actually offer some help when you need it? — Trady · 167
Does stargazing do more? It lets you pick who gets the actions, and sort of blocks an encounter, but actually costs an action and and exp, and you have to wait to get the benefit rather than playing it when you need or want to. — SSW · 206

Because it has no icons, this is probably best slotted in for fun in investigator with discard for benefit ability, like Wendy Adams or "Ashcan" Pete.

And I guess with this card it is now official that the amount of remaining agenda is an open information, AFAIK it was not anywhere in the rule. (In blind runs I used to not telling the rest of the table would the game over or not after the current agenda, I being the setup person.)

5argon · 8287
Couldn't they see the stack of Agenda cards? — MrGoldbee · 1413
I have a scenario set-aside area near me using an another chair, so they are not taking table space and lowered enough no one can see :P — 5argon · 8287
Too bad, personally I try never to check how many agendas are left as well (or at least try not to consider it). If you roleplay a bit, the investigators themselves would also not know how much more time they have. — fates · 49
Some rare scenarios pop in a new agenda when the stack runs out. However, most scenarios do have the sense of urgency make sense in universe, so I don't think it is too out of character to know 'we have almost no time left.' — dezzmont · 203
If this negatively impacts your experience you could houserule that no one can take this on a blind play of a scenario. — Pseudo Nymh · 41
How did you come to the conclusion that the amount of remaining agendas was hidden information to start with? You didn't notice the extra steps you were taking to obscure the information? — Lailah · 1