Сцена. Stage 1
Улики: 3.
As you leap to investigate, the door to your study vanishes before your eyes, leaving behind a strange gateway to another part of your house. There must be a reason why this is happening…

Objective - Only investigators in the Guest Hall may spend the requisite number of clues, as a group, to advance.

Jose Vega
Return to the Night of the Zealot #12. Return to the Gathering #2.
Mysterious Gateway

Mysterious Gateway - Назад

The layout of your home is vastly different from its usual structure. Somehow, your guest hall seems to have looped around on itself, and you are stuck with no way to enter the main hallway near the front of the house.
You notice that the wall between the guest bedroom and the bathroom is rotted and stained with what appears to be old blood. With no other way to proceed, you have no choice but to bust through the weak, rotted wall.

Put into play the set-aside Hole in the Wall location.
Choose an investigator in the Guest Hall. The chosen investigator immediately moves into the Hole in the Wall and reveals it. Then, he or she must test  (4). For each point that investigator fails by, he or she must discard a random card from his or her hand.

Mysterious Gateway

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