Revelation - You must (choose one):

- Remember that you have "cheated."

- Lose 5 resources.

- Put Raise the Stakes into play in your threat area. It gains: "Each Criminal enemy at your location loses aloof. If it is Act 2 or 3, each Criminal enemy engaged with you gets +1 fight and +1 evade."

Bryce Cook
Return to the Dunwich Legacy #19. Return to The House Always Wins #6-7.
Raise the Stakes

One of the O'Bannions approaches you...

"Want to play a game?" he says with a sinister grin.

You see through his ploys; this is a game you cannot win. You consider your options:

  • Accept the game, but cheat: you'll win the game, keep your money, but they'll know...
  • Accept the game, play by their rules: you'll lose, they keep your money, but will leave you alone for now...
  • Reject their offer: the O'Bannions won't like that you rejected their "generous" offer, and start wondering why you're even here. Their men will be ready to "kick you out"...
Nenananas · 170
Often best to keep $ low btwn turns and pick #2. — MrGoldbee · 1034
Real talk 2 and 3 are the only options; the universe will punish you heavily for cheating. — SGPrometheus · 493
@MrGoldbee My understanding is that if you do not have 5 resources you cannot pick that option. — Time4Tiddy · 155
NM - I see that's been clarified below, and wow we've been playing this much harder than we have to. — Time4Tiddy · 155
Thanks on the nice words on "Hypnotic Gaze". Really liked that one as well. — Susumu · 120

Q: Can I chose option to lose 5 resources when I don't have that much, but still has some resources ? Sorry for question here but I coundn't find way to put it in FAQ...............................................

el_cyd · 1
Yes. See the second FAQ entry on this card: https://arkhamdb.com/card/02169 — jd9000 · 50
You are only allowed to make a choice in a situation like this if it would change the board state as it presently exists. So if you don't have five resources, but you at least have *some* resources, then you'd be changing the board state by selecting that option, so it's a valid option to select. — cb42 · 26