Harbinger of Valusia
The Sleeper Returns


Humanoid. Monster. Serpent. Elite.

Бой: 2. Здоровье: 10. Уход: 4.
Раны: 2. Ужас: 2.

Alert. Hunter. Retaliate.

While this enemy has 5 or more damage on it, it gets +2 fight and -2 evade.

Forced - After a successful attack or evasion attempt against this enemy ends: Place 1 resource on it. Then, if there are 2 resources on it, it vanishes with a sinister hiss. (Set it aside, out of play. It keeps all damage tokens.)

Возмездие 5.
Matthew Cowdery
Return to the Forgotten Age #18. Return to the Doom of Eztli #2.
Harbinger of Valusia

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