Цена: 2. Опыт: 3.


Быстрая. Играйте только в свой ход.

До конца вашего хода либо базовое значение всех ваших навыков равно 5, либо базовое значение одного из ваших навыков равно 7.

Никогда не знаешь, на что способен, пока что-то не пытается тебя сожрать.
Javier Charro Martinez
Нарушенный круг. Возвращение #10.
Боевое крещение


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This card has Patrice Hathaway written all over it. 2 wild icons, an attainable cost for one of your power turns, and you've got all the bases covered for investigating AND fighting. The flexibility is great for Patrice--if she's in a tough fight, pump that to 7 and let the fur fly. Likewise, if she's alone, high-shroud locations with an of 7 are a piece of cake. Or split the difference with a full turn of 5's across the board. Just make sure you've got an asset down first to maximize your full potential.

This isn't something you'll mulligan for in your opening hand; it's a card you'll be very glad to see in midgame, and will want to recur with any number of Survivor tricks to carry you across the finish line at top speed.

Pinchers · 125

...this would be an amazing card for preston were it not 3 exp. But given how it is, this card is amazing on a lot of people who can take it! Calvin loves it, Wendy loves it, Yorick and Silas love it, it's quite the card upgrade!

ironbrw · 16
I'm actually kind of split on whether this is good for Calvin or not. The original TBF sets one skill to 5 for the round and that's virtually all Calvin needs unless he's trying to split between fighting and investigating. 3 XP for situational utility isn't terrible, but on the other hand you're not likely to pick this up early for him (you'd probably rather take Five of Pentacles, Peter, Jessica+Charisma, upgraded Ward, etc), so by the time you would take this you probably already have a fair bit of trauma anyway. This kind of just reads like a more expensive Fight or Flight to me. — StyxTBeuford · 12943
Importantly, this upgrade also reduces the cost to 2, which makes it much more usable in a Dark Horse deck with On Your Own. — Death by Chocolate · 1394
3xp = don't use off-class, please. 4/5xp = don't use Lola, Finn, Carolyn, please. — elkeinkrad · 473