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Maggie Ivy
Харви Уолтерс #26.
Разум сильнее плоти


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Take note: unlike the level-0 version, you will still be making / tests -- this means that you can only commit // icons to the tests. With the effect of Mind over Matter (0), on the other hand, you turn those into tests (and so can only commit / icons).

anaphysik · 94
Also important to note: committing cards from hand requires the appropriate skill icon, but using a talent asset does not! So Higher Education could still be used to boost tests here. — MiskatonicFrosh · 337

Brilliant, Brilliant, Brilliant!

The mechanical change of supplementing your and instead of replacing them means that people with already good or can now use it too.

A Roland or Joe can use this card to gain monstrous efficiency for a round (7 or more -before- adding weapon bonuses!), AND the card replaces itself too. Frankly I wont hesitate to say this thing is an autotake, especially on hard difficulties where staying ahead of the token bag gets very expensive. If you have level 2 access and fight with weapons, you want this card in your deck.

For non combative characters (I.E most folks) this thing is mostly a means to duck out of combat, which is not always worth the slot and XP over just taking a copy of Manual Dexterity. It's still worth looking at for big multiplayer groups for characters who can net 8+ and pull themselves or others out of a pile of enemies.

For an interesting left-field combo you can run Mind Over Matter with Strange Solution to get a full round of 3 damage attacks made at 10+.

Good, versatile, card.

Tsuruki23 · 2487
I hadn't thought about the Guardian/Seekers, this would be extremely good for them. As for Strange Solution, that's already an incredible Joe card, he could just demolish a boss with that combo. Good stuff. — Zinjanthropus · 225

Always hard to analyze a card before it comes out, but i must say that this seems like a pretty solid 2xp card. As we know from stuff like Lockpicks and Spectral Razor, adding two of your stats together for a test is really awesome. It should be an upgrade for any Seeker, but will obviously be stronger in some than others. The card draw is an added benefit that even sort of seems favorable compared to Manual Dexterity or Overpower. It also let's it combo decently with Ancient Stone. The one knock compared to Manual Dex is that you can't use it for Grasping Hands, or Ants!, unless you draw them during your turn.

I'm especially excited about using this with Ursula, as the ability to evade enemies at 8+ for a whole turn could really save her life. Kind of funny, as the level 1 version is kind of mediocre with her.

EDIT: This card is really good in Crystallizer of Dreams Ursula. You get to evade at an obscene value or actually be able to kill rats for a turn, then you can commit it later for +2 to an evasion. The card draw effect comes in handy in a event heavy deck, as well, especially if you want to go Farsight.

Zinjanthropus · 225