Цена: 2. Опыт: 2.
Символы навыков:

Быстрое. Играйте после того, как вы провалили проверку при исследовании, если вам не хватило 3 или меньше.

Найдите 2 улики из находящихся в вашей и в связанных локациях.

Mark Molnar
Стелла Кларк #24.
«Гляньте, что тут!»

This is really good in Solo, where the versatility of choosing 2 clues at 1 location or 1 clue at 2 is very helpful. Even in Multiplayer, this is a useful option to have available. Plus the generous 3 failure margin makes almost all locations within the grasp of every Survivor (except, maybe, a very early game Calvin Wright. It's a very nice upgrade of an already-solid card.

Try it combo with Skid (Paralleled) then trigger Double, double. Boom getting 4 Clues around place! — AquaDrehz · 178
Or Preston! — MrGoldbee · 1233
I disagree. In solo you get all the clues from a location, then move on. I think the tiny improvements on this card from the level 0 version make it a real stretch for 2 xp. — housh · 134
Even in multiplayer this can be useful: have a low shroud location next to high shroud location with clues? Investigate the low shroud, fail, and then grab from the high shroud. Useful for secondary cluevers to help out. — ricedwlit · 2