Бабушка Орн
Крепкая старушка

Актив. Союзник


Цена: 4. Опыт: 3.

Здоровье: 1. Рассудок: 3.

У вас +1 и +1 .

Когда сыщик в вашей локации должен провалить проверку, поверните «Бабушку Орн»: У него или +1, или –1 к навыку в этой проверке.

Romana Kendelic
Стелла Кларк #27.
Бабушка Орн


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On tap micro Lucky!. Once per turn. Helps your friends too. Holy moly this chick is up there with the very best allies in the game and by far the hottest girl on campus!

Lucky! is historically among the most useful "deck grease" cards in the game, it makes you better at everything and anything and since playing it is an afterthough it gives you a LOT of leeway to either depend on it to cover the really harsh tokens or to try and beat a test you have no business beating in the first place.

Granny Orne is expensive for a card, the faction doesnt typically require you to gather resources and many characters can coast by by the merit of their natural gains, playing Orne means you need to hold off on playing too many 2-3 cost events like "Look what I found!", Trial by Fire and weapon assets like Meat Cleaver, Ornate Bow and Timeworn Brand become the sort of financial pain that characters typically deal with.

Thankfully,Granny Orne is worth the cost. An on-tap mini-lucky to effectively raise any skill retroactively by 1 is a brilliant ability, and she also sports a defensive boost to and greatly buffs clue-power (effectively by +2 while her ability is unused). All of a suddent a Yorick is clue-ing low shroud spots as though his were 4 and Wendy is clueing like a 5 seeker before accounting for any items she might be using.

I think its fair to say that Orne will be replacing Peter Sylvestre in decks that dont actively depend on Pete's horror regeneration, since the + is objectively better than a + for most characters, the micro-Luckies will easily make up for the added cost and lack of +.

P.S. To whom it hasnt occurred yet, the ability to get a -1 may open the window to play stuff like Eucatastrophe.

Tsuruki23 · 2483
-1 can also give you an extra card dig with Rabbit's Foot 3 — Zinjanthropus · 225
So, I'm pretty sure that you could use Granny's ability and Lucky on the same test to get a monstrous +3. This means that if you're taking tests at +1, you can actually succeed on all but the autofail (in most starting bags. Not TFA, obvs). That's nuts. Combine it with Wendy's ability and you basically don't need to boost. — Zinjanthropus · 225
Nope. It doesn't open the window to play Eucatastrophe, since Euc requires the TOKEN to reduce your skill value to 0 (which is in Step 5). Granny Orne triggers in Step 6, and while you could use her to reduce your Skill value to 0, that would be HER doing that, not the token. — Death by Chocolate · 1388
Granny just nuts. She's like +1 to stats of all people at her location while her ability is ready. She's also great with dark horse and 1-2 seals of the elder sign on lola. — Django · 4963
Pair with Motivational Speech in Yorick. — MrGoldbee · 1413