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This deck breaks the game, and is presented as an exercise. It's no fun to play in a real campaign, and you certainly shouldn't play it with other people.

Built from the comments section in, and heavily based on this deck: Credit to everyone who contributed there. I've built it to maximize the combo potential (or at least, I think I have, suggestions more than welcome).

The Combos

The core combo is using Wendy's Amulet + Daredevil to dump your deck into your discard, then Yaotl to put your weaknesses in the discard, then any event you play goes into your deck to be drawn again.

This enables two infinite combos. The first is Easy Mark, With an empty deck, Easy Mark returns itself to the deck and draws itself for infinite resources.

The second is more complicated but even more powerful because on top of infinite resources it gives infinite actions. With an empty deck:

1) Play Swift Reflexes (+1 action)

2) (using your swift reflexes action) Take whatever action you want to advance the game

3) Play the second Swift Reflexes (+2 actions)

4) (using your swift reflexes action) Play Scrounge for Supplies on Daredevil (0 actions)

5) Play Tempt Fate, drawing the first Swift Reflexes

6) Play Swift Reflexes (+1 action)

7) (using your swift reflexes action) Take a test, committing Daredevil (any test, doesn't matter if you pass or fail) to drop everything in your discard again (+0 actions).

Repeat. On every third repetition, on step 2 play Harmony Restored to empty the bag of curses so you can draw with Tempt Fate again. If your step 2 action is a test, using a Money Talks will allow you to draw the Swift Reflexes and skip step 6.

Infinite on Turn Two

A turn 1 set up and infinite turn 2 is possible. You need a Daredevil in hand. You also need any one of Salvage, Wendy's Amulet.

Action 1: Daredevil a test to put everything except weaknesses in the discard

Action 2: Play Wendy's Amulet. (or salvage)

Action 3: Chance Encounter Yaotl, discard one weakness

Enemy Phase: Discard your second weakness with Yaotl. If needed, Cheat the System here to get something in your deck so you don't reshuffle in upkeep. Turn 2 you can go infinite as above.

Finding the Combo

Resourceful in hand can also work to retrieve Salvage, if you can pass the test on Action 1. That's a risk though, because if you don't also have Chance or Yaotl in hand, failing the test will end your game since you can't get the Amulet.

To set up, we have Friends in Low Places, Tempt Fate, Money Talks, Easy Mark, and Take Heart for card draw / search. Friends in Low Places is set to "Fortune", Prompt, and Versatile: "Favor" here so if the first one whiffs on Daredevil it has a chance to grab the 2nd copy of itself to try again.

A Chance Encounter, Salvage, Resourceful, and Scrounge for Supplies allow us to pull combo pieces from the discard. You do want to be a little careful what you allow in your discard in case you run into Abandoned and Alone, although you can lose a surprisingly large chunk of the deck and have it still go infinite. Specifically, you need at bare minimum only 10 cards: Yaotl, Wendy's Amulet, 2 Easy Mark (or the 2x Cheat the System + items package), 1 Scrounge for Supplies, 2 Swift Reflexes, 1 Harmony Restored, 1 Tempt Fate, and 1 Daredevil. There's a few other more complicated setups that work even if you lose 1 Swift Reflexes.

On the topic of resilience, Short Supply is an interesting question. On the one hand, having access to combo pieces in the discard is useful and you're more likely to combo out on early turns. On the other hand, there's some danger of it dropping essential pieces and having Abandoned end your game.

Stuff that isn't the combo

Will to Survive allows you to avoid having the actions loop (which requires taking tests) kill us if there's a symbol token that does something bad on draw, it also ensures you don't draw out too many bless tokens, which could block Harmony Restored. Combined with Money Talks, this also means you can guarantee passing any test of any difficulty. This removes the need for any events like Backstab or whatever.

The second Tempt Fate allows you to add a card draw to the infinite loop if you need cards in hand for some reason.

A Test of Will and Counterespionage are there if the scenario requires you to find something in the encounter deck. By using Tempt Fate twice (and not using Counterespionage's first boost), you can see 4 encounter cards each turn.


The side deck has the level 0 stuff, you take 2x Easy Marks and Yaotl with your In the Thick of It xp. You only need 2 more xp from the first scenario to get Harmony Restored (2) at which point you can go infinite on actions, everything else is just to improve consistency. Then the order is Salvage, Cheat the System, Counterespionage, Prompt on Friends in Low Places, Money Talks, the other Easy Mark, Versatile on Friends in Low Places, Will to Survive. With Refine, you should be all done with spending xp by scenario 3 in almost all campaigns. Note you don't want Chance Encounter (2) because you only need Yaotl for a turn, and the 0 xp version is cheaper to play. And Will to Survive is purely to make it less fiddley, since with infinite resources you can just keep playing the 0 xp version.

Update: I just learned Scrounge for Supplies can't get Signatures because they don't have a level. So I'd drop one of those for a 2nd Salvage.

So there you go. A deck that was fun to build and test, but once you get it figured out and working you aren't actually playing Arkham Horror any more. It only works because of the Advanced Wendy's Amulet, which is a print-and-play, so not a problem or anything. But I just think it's kinda neat.