Up From the Grave He Arose

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SenorBiggles · 14

(Being played in Edge of the Earth with Gloria and Darrel.)

The goal of the this deck is to support by handling enemies, lowering high shroud locations with Breach the Door, giving supplies with Stand Together, and covering for Gloria with First Watch.

Remember that Yorick's discard is his second hand. So you're starting with 10 cards in the discard thanks to Short Supply. Yorick's reliable recursion only works with assets, so you have quite a few and also are gambling with Geared Up. It makes you skip your first turn but allows you play as many items as you can from you hand at a -1 discount. Getting Schoffner's Catalogue and Backpack in your starting hand is super good because Schoffner's pays for other cards and Backpack gives you more cards to choose from. Mulligan for items.

Sledgehammer is your main fighting tool. Knife is there for a discardable 1 action 2 damage attack and since you discard Knife before the attack, if it kills the enemy you can play it right back out.

Body slots are an issue for this deck, because you can't have Bandolier and Backpack out at the same time. Get Backpack early, use it up and make way for Bandolier so you can have knife or Gravedigger's Shovel and Sledgehammer out at the same time.