Calvin Wright - On my own (19xp)

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K_oroviev · 45


This is a deck for playing standalone scenarios in true solo standard difficulty. The deck is built around the permanent version of On Your Own, which pays for our events, saving resources for our essential items. The cardpool has tools to keep Calvin alive and progressing the scenario while he gets stronger as he battles the mythos.

How to play

For the In the Thick of It penalty, we choose to get 2 mental traumas. Not only does this get us 3 additional xp to work with, but it allows Calvin to begin the game with 2 . Using Flashlight, "Look what I found!" and Lucky!, Calvin can start picking up clues from the get go.

Meat Cleaver is a great tool to manage early enemies that also increases our and , raising Calvin's capabilities to investigate. For the bigger monsters, we pack one of my favorite guns in the game: the Old Hunting Rifle. Live and Learn, Against All Odds, and Will to Survive will make sure that the Riffle works when you need it.

The last pieces of the deck are Talisman of Protection and Perseverance, which will keep our investigator alive as the game goes longer, and True Survivor. This powerful (and thematic) event costs 1 in our deck and will keep recurring Rise to the Occasion to pass tests, and Resourceful and Take Heart to keep our hand full.

Enjoy! All feedback is welcome.