Alchemy Never Fails

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Merzbro · 89

I took this deck through Carcosa with my partner playing as Agnes. So far, it has been a blast.

The main idea of the deck is the following:

Get Alchemical Distillation to heal horror, get cards and move twice - succeeding by two should happen enough to be profitable. 5 Charges on the asset helps a lot.

Get Lab Coat to never fail. Even if you don't get two prizes, you never waste a charge. At least getting two cards for an action isn't bad, neither is moving.

Use Grim Memoir to investigate and draw further into your deck, and Field Agent to swipe clues from hard places or to accelerate. You may kill her or heal her (even if there's wasted heal, it's not wasted if you have Soul Sanctification)

You have an extra turn? Heal yourself and bank charges on Soul Sanctification, use those charges to secure your treachery tests, Gang Up or more Alchemical Distillation tests, creating an infinite feedback loop of getting 2 prizes every time. If you get your Hypnotic Therapy, you can exhaust it to heal an extra horror, gain a resource and if you are topped up, get another charge for Soul Sanctification. Amazing.

Task Force allows you to pick up a clue testless, move and use your Alchemical Distillation again, getting more moves/cards/healing, etc. Pure value for this deck.

The rest of the cards are either for finding more clues or dealing with enemies. This deck is very good at burst damage (Being able to fire Dynamite blast + Toe to Toe for 5 damage without a sweat), but sometimes can be overwhelmed by enemies.

That's what Blur is for! Evade an enemy and get an extra action to keep going like "New number, who this?". That's also where Close the Circle comes in, since with Blur Equipped and any of the Seeker assets, we control 4 classes ( , and ). That's four extra actions that you can use to... Activate your Alchemical Distillation again! Use it on your friends or become obscenely wealthy.

This deck can be a little slow, but every piece of the combo means win more, and using the events you can keep going without loosing tempo in the short run. That being said, at player counts higher than 2, this deck will probably get swamped, as she cannot pick up clues or deal with enemies fast enough. Sometimes it will have troubles passing some tests (even tests!) and you'll have to commit cards from your hand to survive. That's ok, you can get more later, since you have insane draw using your assets.


Jul 11, 2024 Shandras · 3

The only ways in this deck to heal Field Agent are Soothing Melody and the one-of Inspiring Presence, right? Since Alchemical Distillation and Hypnotic Therapy work on investigators only.

Jul 11, 2024 Merzbro · 89

Yep, I wouldn't worry about healing them too much, since there are two copies. I usually use them to tank 1 damage and then kill them via clue effect. You can get to cycle through your deck fast enough.

That said, using soothing melody isn't bad for the task, and the one off Inspiring Presence can mean two clues in a turn. I've been thinking about adding the Guardian tarot that gives extra health and sanity to your assets to boost them to 3-3 (and lab coat to a respectable 2-2) for extra value.

Jul 17, 2024 Dathomirian · 1

I've been running the Alchemical Carolyn for about a month now. A lot of similar ideas but I play in a four man group so I cut a lot of fighting stuff because it's totally unnecessary and I use Alchemical for such a high percentage of my actions helping my team get strong early. My big thing that has made it really come together for me is Cleaning Kit, particularly upgraded Cleaning Kit, to give even more supplies for the Distillation, not to mention +2 skill value on Cleaning Kit 3. And upgraded E Cache to thrown more supplies on it. Plus one of my teammates loves getting money from me, so he sometimes plays Contraband on my Cleaning Kit.