Если эта проверка успешна, вылечите 1 ужас.

Только решительно выступив против тьмы, мы сможем выжить и увидеть свет нового дня.
RJ Palmer
Базовый набор #67.


(from the official FAQ or responses to the official rules question form)
  • If you commit this card to another player's skill test, and the test is successful, you heal 1 horror (not the other player).
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This is a solid little card for healing horror. Yes, it only heals one horror, it won’t have a big impact on the game, but healing one horror for only one card is very efficient. Not every card in your deck can be a powerful card that costs actions and resources, you need some cheap ones too. The one Will icon may not look like much, but the point of this card is that it does something that normally costs significant resources (healing), and does it with very little cost – few other cards are as efficient as spending 1 card, 0 actions, 0 resources, and 0 xp, per point of healing.

This is by no means a card you must include in your deck. It is simply a solid option to consider if you decide that your character needs a little bit of horror healing.

Usually you can hold off on using Fearless until you get a test where multiple chaos tokens would become successes with the +1, making the test likely to pass, and gaining a noticeable benefit from the skill icon on top of the horror healing.

ChristopherA · 108
I still think, the horror heal is too low impact in most investigators, that can take this card. Agnes sure likes it, maybe Carolyn and Zoey, due to her comparably low sanity. Though I think, there are better options for both of them. If the level 0 version would offer 2 willpower pips, it would sure see more play in my decks. The upgrade is much better, in particular once you have "Shrivelling" (5), but even that is somewhat outclassed by "Deny Existence" (5). I think, both versions of "Fearless" are fine cards, that frequently found play when the card pool was smaller, but have a harder time getting their deck space nowadays. — Susumu · 351
IMO this is an auto-include in any deck running 1 or 2 copies of Arcane Research, especially if Agnes is taking those. It's a great low-"cost" card (as ChristopherA explained) when you start a campaign with 2 Mental Trauma knowing that you're likely to pick up more. — DrMChristopher · 398

One strike against this card is that it is a skill card with a single willpower pip. The effect is, conditionally, heal 1 horror, but mystics generally have more trouble with physical damage than with horror. You would generally want 2 pips from a skill card, like Guts or from assets like Arcane Studies(2).

You can get single pips from about half of the mystic assets or events, with the upside of having another use for the card when the current problem is not the next will power test. Better skip this one and invest in Fearless(2) later, or just play allies and Painkillers to soak horror.

Mataza · 18
Horror from Shriveling 5 can stack up quickly, especially when combined with Twila. But healing 1 horror isn't worth a card, i prefer the upgrade or soaks. — Django · 4974
I think it's pretty good with agnes, but other than that yeah. — SGPrometheus · 776
Its also really good for Caroline. More so if she has solemn vow. Actually If you play Agnes, always bring Caroline with you. — Django · 4974

Fearless is a pretty straightforward card. I honestly don't see any reason not to include in any deck that relies heavely on Spells, which is to say, most decks of investigators.

Most of the Spells assets require that you do a skill test. With one icon to commit, Fearless helps you do just that, and providing you succeed, it heals 1 horror.

Some of those Spells inflict horror damage when you draw a non-numerical chaos token (example: Shrivelling), so you might want to mitigate those downsides a bit.

In any case, that card is always good encounter deck mitigation, as a lot of treacheries throws tests to the investigators, and the game has many ways to inflict horror you might want to heal.

Great great card.

banania · 401
And if you look closely, you can see the symbol on the back of the hood is the same "alpha/omega PX" symbol as on Armor of Ardennes. Interesting coincidence, or perhaps foreshadowing? — SGPrometheus · 776