Актив. Одежда

Вещь. Защита.

Цена: 2. Опыт: 3.

Здоровье: 4. Рассудок: –.
Пули — это одно, а двенадцатидюймовые клыки — совсем другое.
David Auden Nash
Базовый набор #94.


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Hey guys, just a heads up, this is still a fine card.

I have a hard time spending XP on purely defensive cards, but in terms of sheer HP tank value you can get in a single action Bulletproof Vest is undisputed champion.

Many powerful heals require 2+ actions, First Aid for example which gives Bulletproof stiff competition takes 5 actions to get full use out of (and is limited). Bulletproof is 1 action for a whopping 4 more health to work with, there is no other card in the game that nets you so much health in so little time.

The action efficiency is important, lots of characters scramble for actions. In solo, actions are your most precious resource. If you're trying to multitask clues and combat in a team, you definitely don't have actions to spare! In a team where you're the key performer in a particular role (the only killer, the only cluer). Bulletproof Vest is a go-to card for the characters who have health trouble but no actions to spare.

Obviously the exact same is true for Elder Sign Amulet and horror.

Leather Coat costs 2 less resources and prevents 2 less pain, I don't see either card as being better, being free makes the card better in certain decks, worse in other decks.

The only card that completely overwhelms the Vest is Deny Existence, where preventing any trigger of 2 damage effectively nets you as much tanking as the Vest would but for 0 actions and no cost while also being there if you have trouble with other stuff.

Tsuruki23 · 2486
I have a lot of problems with this and Elder Sign amulet. For the same cost of two of these you could buy Charisma and 3 level 0 allies. Allies are great soak that tend to protect both health and sanity instead of just one at a time, and the usually have other built in bonuses. The amulet in particular is absolutely terrible if you can take upgraded Peter Sylvestre, while the vest feels like a worse Guard Dog. — StyxTBeuford · 12943
@StyxTBeuford I think you need to consider the worth of Bulletproof Vest and Elder Sign Amulet on a case by case basis mate. Like of course a Guardian on average doesn't need the vest when they have absurdly high health and a lot of health soaking asset, whether from the level 0 Guard Dog to the level 5 Armor of Ardennes; the opposite can be said for Seeker and Mystics for Elder Sign Amulet. But while Survivors have some of the best health and sanity tanking assets in the game, some classes sorely lack them. Rogues were struggling with sanity damage before Precious Memento was introduced and most Guardians still have issue with low sanity, while Mystic and Seekers lack health. One Elder Sign amulet on a gurdian makes them so much more resistant from being defeated by horror for a very reasonable resource cost, and gives so much breathing room for 5 sanity investigators like Roland. The opposite can be said for Seeker and Mystics in regards to health with bulletproof vest, ESPECIALLY Seeker, whose allies are not know for their great tanking capabilities and lack in-class level 0 options for body slots anyway — HeroesOfTomorrow · 46

I completely agree with Bronze, who said:"I don't think that these protective cards are getting enough love." Just take a glance at this happy detective bragging in the office how closely he escaped a domestic dispute with his wife, and you know what i mean.

Alongside Bulletproof Vest, only two other assets are worn on the body. But the other vestments are cheaper in xp and play cost. The question emerges if and when the investment of 2 resources and 3xp pays off. For the sake of simplicity, i do not count any sanity bonuses in the ongoing comparison.

A look at the competitors for the body slot discloses the vest's shortcomings:

  • Leather coat protects 2 health lesser for 2 resources less.
  • Fine Clothes protects 3 health lesser for 1 resource less. And grants you a special ability.

Of course, there is the strategy of reallocating damage to other assets, so Bulletproof Vest has to be evaluated against...

  • Guard Dog protects 1 health lesser for 1 resource more. Grants an additional trait.
  • Hired Muscle protects 1 health lesser for roundabout the same cost as the vest. Grants an additional trait.
  • Beat Cop(2) protects 1 health lesser for 1 resource more. Grants an additional trait.
  • Leo De Luca(2) protects 2 health lesser for 3 resources more. Grants an additional trait.

You can play other assets to heal damage....

  • First Aid heals 1 health lesser for the same cost. Requires 3 additional actions to spend.

...or events...

  • Emergency Aid heals 2 health lesser for 2 resources less. Can be used on others, too.
  • "I've had worse…" heals up to 1 health more for 2 resources less.
  • Dodge prevents up the the same health for 2 resources less. Can be used on others.

To sum things up, under the key aspect of health protection, Bulletproof Vest is the second to best economical choice for permanent health protection available. On top, it can be combined with all other methods of health reallocation/protection/recovering. If your investigator has a low base Health or suffers from severe physical trauma, Bulletproof Vest is the card for you!

Non-body-assets in the first place give you additional, powerful abilities to cope with a variety of situations. If you plan to start a killing spree and have to tank away massive hits, the vest makes you fit for survival. It's a tool for a special role and should be valued in this scope only. Guardians can, of course, rely on their more powerful events instead or complementary. Just keep in mind that the vest is permanently there, while events are often bound to certain triggers.


  • Bulletproof vest endows you with the best health bonus available, only one other card, Leather Coat, competes.
  • Good play cost.
  • Combines well with Scavenging.
  • Great click compression, only Guardian events are better.
  • -icons can alternatively boost skill tests.


  • Protects the wearer only.
  • Should be played before enemies appear, during a fight it's useless.
  • Pretty tough xp cost, viable only for special decks.
Synisill · 790
You CAN play the vest while engaged with an enemy and in some cases, this might save your life. Sure, you take an attack of opportunity, who cares if you're engaged with a rat, while a hunter is at a adjacend location and about to attack you? — Django · 4973
Note that Joey "The Rat" Vigil could let you play the Bulletproof Vest w/o taking an AoO. — Zinjanthropus · 225