Актив. Рука

Вещь. Оружие. Рукопашное. Незаконное.

Цена: 1. Опыт: 2.



Бой. У вас +2 в этой атаке. Если вы превысили сложность на 2 или больше, эта атака наносит +1 рану.

Matthew Cowdery
Экспресс округа Эссекс #152.
Выкидной нож


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BEST WEAPON IN THE GAME this weapon is so strong that it is envied by the guardians. It costs practically nothing (1 resource), it gives you +2 in strength and if you are strong enough you will also have +1 additional damage! Rogues generally have a lot of agility and high intellect, but if you have at least 3 strength and your investigator is keen to fight, you will be obliged to choose this weapon.

Tony Morgan · 80
I don't know about best in game, but for the action spamming namesake of this review, it is my favorite weapon on him. — StyxTBeuford · 12943
For me must have for all Rogue and any other character than can use this, fast keyword is the game changer. — Heroes.84 · 31
Fast and 1 cost is pretty amazing. +2 boost is also very good, though you need to succeed by 2 to get bonus damage. Better to hit for one than to miss, though, and Rogues certainly have enough ways to boost their stats. — Zinjanthropus · 225
Best weapon in the game? You misspelled flamethrower. — AussieKSU · 1036

I've had the privilege of trying the upgraded Switchblade in several games recently, and it is a really neat weapon. It's got the good points of the basic one - it's fast, so you can get it played in an emergency quickly, and it's cheap. However, it's got +2, so you actually stand a reasonable chance of doing extra damage.

Basically, it's like a .41 Derringer, but fast, cheaper, and not limited for ammunition. Compared to one of my other favourite weapons, the fine Machete, it's cheaper, a bit more likely to do damage, but more chancy about doing extra damage. It's also still useful if you're engaged with more than one enemy.

The only down side - it costs 2 XP. Each. It's a bit of an investment of experience. But otherwise, it's probably the best weapon available (as of the Essex County Express). "Skids" O'Toole and Jenny Barnes are both awesome with it. Something like a Beat cop would fit nicely too, making that extra damage just a smidgen more likely. It's likely to be my weapon-of-choice for rogues for a while...

AndyB · 932
Agreed. Worth clarifying that if you start with switchblades, it will only cost 2XP to upgrade them both (L0 cards are considered to have a minimum cost of 1XP when upgrading). Better yet, you can instead start with 2x Knives and then with 3XP you can purchase Adaptable and swap both knives out for 2x L0 Switchblades and then immediately upgrade them into 2x L2 Switchblades. — ADHiDef · 7018
"Worth clarifying that if you start with switchblades, it will only cost 2XP to upgrade them both (L0 cards are considered to have a minimum cost of 1XP when upgrading)." This is not true: https://twitter.com/NatsunoYoru/status/797879584129744897 — gumek · 1
I stand corrected. — ADHiDef · 7018
This is definitely one where it's still worth taking even if it costs +1xp from taboo. — Zinjanthropus · 225
What does "fast" mean on an asset? I can play it from my hand during a battle to immediately increase my fist value? Or what does fast help me here? — Vortilion · 1
fast assets don't cost an action to play. They can still only be played during your turn though (which is different from fast events) — Zinjanthropus · 225
It's worth noting that since they don't cost an action to play they also don't provoke. — Timlagor · 4