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Быстрое. Играйте, когда враг проводит внеочередную атаку против вас.

Отмените эту атаку. У вас +2 к навыку в следующей проверке, которую вы будете проходить в этот ход.

"В следующий раз я за рулём!"
Jake Murray
Восход чёрных звёзд #267.
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This card is really very good. Even ignoring the 2x Agility icons, it has lots of play. It's difficult to describe exactly what you would use it for, as its such a tactical card, with its use depending on the situation, but here are a few scenarios where I have found it useful.

  • Dropping a weapon or ally from hand, then using the weapon straight away with a bonus.
  • Similar to the above, but powering up with a Hot Streak, Emergency Cache, or other card
  • Using it as a pseudo-Overpower, by drawing a card, pulling a resource, (or anything else), fizzling the attack and then unloading your weapon
  • Using it to drag an enemy to a location, so somebody else can deal with it, similar to Shortcut, except you also get to do something at the end. (Evade the enemy perhaps)?
  • Using it as an Unexpected Courage for game-winning checks, possibly even by Engaging a monster you didn't need to
  • Using it for a local Dynamite Blast, followed by an attack

Basically, it is often Unexpected Courage + Dodge, all for 0 XP, 0 Resources, and even when it isn't, it can function as a double-Agility.

It's in all my rogue decks, and I rarely want to take it out. It's up there with Elusive, Leo and Lone Wolf as one of the best 0 XP Rogue cards, in my opinion. It doesn't have as much impact, but it's got so much value.

Oh, and the picture is cool too.

I think you said it yourself though--this isn't high impact. I don't think a card that makes such a small difference in the game can be compared to something like Elusive or Leo. I agree that there are some nice little efficient plays to be had here, but really nothing gamechanging at all. Especially if you had to deliberately provoke the attack of opportunity rather than taking it in the normal course of events. — CaiusDrewart · 3038
It's a value card rather than an impact one. For the same reason I'm always going to play Guts or Uncage the Soul in mystic, or Shortcut in Seeker/Mark. You are right in that Elusive/Leo are probably bad choices for comparisons; better to consider it in the same family as those others listed. — duke_loves_biscuits · 1239
note how well this combos with knocking the Ornate Bow when fighting enemies with >3 health — Zinjanthropus · 225
perfect card for solo, specially in higher difficulties.. I mean if you need to kill something after paying for a gun. this card is the must (rouge dont have enough power and this increase +2 and prevent the attack for paying for the gun). — isuscbrmid · 38