Интуиция. Уловка.

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Переговоры. Выберите в вашей локации врага-гуманоида (но не слабость) и пройдите проверку (3). У этой проверки +X к сложности, где X равен значению ужаса этого врага. При успехе замешайте этого врага в колоду контактов. Если этот враг элитный, вместо этого автоматически уйдите от него.

Rafał Hrynkiewicz
Нити судьбы #105.

Latest Taboo

This card’s ability now reads “Parley. Choose a non-weakness enemy at your location…”



(from the official FAQ or responses to the official rules question form)
  • Q: If you use Persuasion against a Humanoid enemy without a regular encounter card back (such as The Masked Hunter), where does the enemy go? Is it still shuffled into the encounter deck? A: Most enemies without a regular encounter card back are Elite (Masked Hunter included), so this shouldn’t come up very often. (Persuasion only shuffles the enemy back into the encounter deck if it is not Elite.) In the event that an enemy without an encounter card back is not Elite, Persuasion would do nothing to them – a card cannot be shuffled into the encounter deck if it does not have an encounter card back, so the effect “shuffle the chosen enemy into the encounter deck” would fail.

  • Automatic Success/Failure & Automatic Evasion: Some card effects make an investigator automatically succeed or automatically fail a skill test. If this occurs, depending on the timing of such an effect, certain steps of the skill test may be skipped in their entirety.

    • If it is known that an investigator automatically succeeds or fails at a skill test before Step 3 (“Reveal Chaos Token”) occurs, that step is skipped, along with Step 4. No chaos token(s) are revealed from the chaos bag, and the investigator immediately moves to Step 5. All other steps of the skill test resolve as normal.
    • If a chaos token effect causes an investigator to automatically succeed or fail at a skill test, continue with Steps 3 and 4, as normal.
    • If an ability “automatically evades” 1 or more enemies, this is not the same as automatically succeeding at an evasion attempt. As per the entry on “Evade” in the Rules Reference, if an ability automatically evades 1 or more enemies, no skill test is made for the evasion attempt whatsoever. Consequentially, because no skill test is made, it is not considered a “successful” evasion. The investigator simply follows the steps for evading an enemy (exhausting it and breaking its engagement).
    • For example: Patrice uses the ability on Hope, which reads: “ If Hope is ready, exhaust or discard him: Evade. Attempt to evade with a base value of 5. (If you discarded Hope, this test is automatically successful.)” If Patrice chooses to discard Hope, the skill test automatically succeeds before chaos tokens are revealed; therefore Steps 3 and 4 of the skill test are skipped. However, the skill test still takes place. Cards may still be committed to the test, and the investigator’s total modified skill value is still determined, as it may have some bearing on other card abilities. However, if Patrice instead uses the ability on Stray Cat, which reads: “ Discard Stray Cat: Automatically evade a non-Elite enemy at your location,” no skill test is made whatsoever. - FAQ, v.1.7, March 2020
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It's hard to see what makes this card cool, so lets highlight a few cool things about this card.

  • Unlike other effects that don't fully affect elites this card still helps against them, that can be a huge plus since even just evading a big foe (such as The Masked Hunter can be game-saving.
  • Shuffling stuff back into the encounter deck is usually good, shuffling stuff into the encounter deck means that you get to draw them again! A variety of humanoid enemies are WAY nicer to draw then most alternatives in their deck, Acolyte for example.
  • You can target aloof enemies since this card doesn't require engagement, this also means you can target stuff engaged with your friends.

Finally, if you are familiar with the campaigns, your current campaign choice will impact the effectiveness of this card. The following phrases will spoil the humanoid amounts in the campaigns so stop reading at this point if you want to avoid that spoiler:

Core set this thing will be helpful in every scenario. Ghouls are Humanoids.

In Dunwick its very bad, useful mostly in the club, there will be targets here and there but in 4 out of 8 scenarios playing this will be hard or impossible.

It's very good in Carcosa, all of the scenarios have humanoid enemies (often in large numbers) or guaranteed valid targets.

Forgotten age isn't over yet but out of 4 scenarios every scenario has been chock-full of humanoids. Considering the particulars of the enemies in the Deluxe pack there won't be a single Forgotten age scenario without a Humanoid target (Snake people are humanoids!).


Finally, this is a parley action, thus Fine Clothes will go a long way to make these tests outright easy, although perhaps if you're playing Norman Withers or Daisy Walker you wont really have any trouble anyway. Still worth considering, especially in Carcosa.

Tsuruki23 · 2486
Based on my own foibles in Forgotten Age, I think this could be useful for enemy management in solo when you are playing as someone who sucks at fighting. Especially for enemies with doom. haven't tested, though. — Zinjanthropus · 225

Might take some persuasion to get this into my deck right now.

This card is kind of in a weird spot, but it fills a very narrow niche for Seekers with a low(ish) evade value. Norman and Daisy in particular might consider this.

Also, all of the scenarios thus far have SOME humanoids and a few of them can be a big annoyance for guardians who might be busy elsewhere.

But lets be real, Mind Over Matter does almost the exact same thing but it can also let you FIGHT.

For now, I think it will need other support to be worth it, but it should be a lot of fun to Persuade the Ghoul Priest to just lay down for a round.

Myriad · 1211
Looks like it would be really good for The House Always wins, and possibly good anywhere else. Combos with Fine Clothes though. — SGPrometheus · 776
Nice catch with fine clothes! I like that. — Myriad · 1211

I really want to like this card in a Carolyn Fern deck for the theme alone - and the fact that she can't play any weapons level 1+ and is so good at getting clues. But I feel a bit bad about putting an enemy back in the deck, and in some campaigns there aren't a lot of humanoids. I'll start with it in the deck but have a feeling it will go pretty quickly once the fighter types in the group get amped up.

Krysmopompas · 353
If you're dealing with lots of humanoid enemies (like in TCU), use handcuffs instead. It's a permanent solution that works pretty well with witches and cultists. However Carolyn doen't have the fight value for it. — Django · 4973
Put some Fine Clothes on to reduce difficulty and you can send aloof archers back into the jungle or nasty witches. Never tried it myself but seems useful for some scenarios. — Ezhaeu · 48
Yeah I love the Fine Clothes combo, but in a 4-player game (which I'm playing now) and at least 2 big fighters, this card went down the priority scale. I think it would be great solo or in 2 player, for a longer amount of time. — Krysmopompas · 353

I’m on a solo trip to the jungle with Dapper-Harvey right now. His fine clothes, alongside this card, has gotten us out of many a tight spot with inquisitive Brood of Yigs. Together with Crafty it gets even better.

Skrattmas · 9

There are a few scenarios in TCU where you go to a nice party. Persuasion would be very nice, especially if you can’t meet the parameters to deal with the guests.

There are some edge cases where there is more use to this thing vs mind over matter; since it’s a parlay that evades an elite enemy, it won’t trigger alert. And it can do it with an enemy at your location, even if you’re not engaged. As the seeker, you’re probably not bailing people out of trouble all the time, but they’ll be super glad when you do.

An intriguing typo is that this works on humanoids, not humans. Weird fish creatures? Perfectly fine. Mobsters? Maybe not.

MrGoldbee · 1416
This is fixed by the FAQ, which tells us to read "Human" on the Dunwich Mobster cards as "Humanoid". — Binoux · 27
Seems like a fun one for the Trish/Chuck deck — Zinjanthropus · 225