Заклинание. Благословенное.

Цена: 2. Опыт: 2.


Быстрое. Играйте, когда при проверке навыка в вашей локации вытянут , , или .

Отмените этот жетон хаоса. (Не надо вытягивать вместо него новый жетон.)

«Не в мою смену».
Matthew Cowdery
Нити судьбы #110.

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This card now reads “a non- symbol” instead of “a , , , or chaos token.”



(from the official FAQ or responses to the official rules question form)
  • When a token is 'cancelled' or 'ignored' in its entirety (such as through Wendy Adams's ability, playing Counterspell or revealing two tokens with Grotesque Statue's ability), treat the token as if it had never been revealed at all. All of the token's effects are cancelled or ignored, and any effects that would trigger off that type of chaos token (like Baseball Bat with and ) do not trigger. However, when a token is only partially ignored or cancelled, as with Defiance, the token is still considered to have been revealed, and effects that trigger off it being revealed do trigger.

  • Q: I would like you to clarify for me the term 'using' [This question came in French, was responded to via Google Translate, and addresses multiple different cards. See: Boxing Gloves, Ice Pick, Spirit Athame, Counterspell - Frank]. For example, if I play Counterspell, is it using it? A: I would say no, playing Counterspell to cancel a chaos token is not “using” Counterspell.

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It's interesting to consider whether this or Time Warp is better. They're both 2 XP Mystic spells. They both fulfill the same primary function by allowing you or a teammate at your location to overcome a bad chaos token pull.

In favor of Time Warp:

--Time Warp is one resource cheaper.

--Time Warp works against the autofail.

--Time Warp allows you to redraw bad pulls that aren't special tokens (e.g. the -6 and -8 on Expert.)

--Time Warp can occasionally help you outside of skill tests.

On the other hand:

--Counterspell doesn't have the risk of cancelling a bad token only to pull another bad token.

--Counterspell is much better at helping you avoid the negative effects of special tokens (particularly relevant for Shrivelling V.)

They're both decent cards, and it's really just going to come down to personal preference. I lean slightly towards Time Warp, most of the time, since the ability to redraw the very worst chaos tokens (which Counterspell unfortunately cannot touch) just seems a little more powerful to me. And if you're running a Paradox deck (and who isn't?), then you pretty much have to pick Time Warp.

CaiusDrewart · 3046
As long as you have a resource available, Time Warp is effectively 2 resources cheaper because of how the timeline works out. — Death by Chocolate · 1394
what is a "paradox" deck? — 11zxcvb11 · 3
@11zxcbv11: Just a joke. As only one card has the Paradox keyword, there's not really such a thing as a "Paradox deck" (yet). — CaiusDrewart · 3046
@caius i see :) i thought i might be some netrunner jargon i was not familiar with that applied to arkham horror as well. — 11zxcvb11 · 3
I would add: --Counterspell can be used during the whole round, while Time Warp only works during the investigation phase. --Counterspell has 2 skill test icons. — beholderalv · 129
Counterspell works nicely with Recharge — dlikos · 131
Ignore my comment above. Recharge is not a skill test. — dlikos · 131

The card has an elder sign on it, so that makes it good right?

Counterspell is in the same vein as cards like Time Warp and Defiance. These cards allow Mystics to play some really difficult pulls, even with their backs to the wall and still blow out tests.

To me, this means it works best when combined with high stakes cards like Shriveling level 5, Rite of Seeking level 4 and Double or Nothing. it also works great with Dark Prophecy.

But the best part is, you can use this on other people too. So if your friend is packing a shotgun, you can suddenly open up power plays with ease so long as you both are in the same spot.

With the upcoming additional token bag pull cards like Olive, this card will also gain stock.

I expect it to be great moving forward.

Myriad · 1211