Актив. Одежда. Рука ×2

Вещь. Оружие. Огнестрельное.

Цена: 4. Опыт: 5.


Многоразовый (4 патрона).

Потратьте 1 патрон: Бой. Вы должны провести эту атаку против врага с наивысшим значением боя, который сражается с вами. У вас +4 в этой атаке. Если эта атака успешна, вместо обычных ран вы можете назначить до 4 ран на любых врагов, с которыми сражаетесь (любые дополнительные раны прибавляются к этому количеству).

Jose Vega
Расколотая вечность #305.

Latest Taboo

Costs 1 additional experience.



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Flamethrower is, in my opinion, the best Guardian XP card by a large margin. Of course, I'm hardly breaking any ground with that statement. But I can't resist writing down in just one more place how amazing this card is.

A while back, I wrote an enthusiastic review of Lightning Gun, saying that 3 damage per action and massive bonuses to Combat were some of the most important tools for success on Expert. Well, Flamethrower outclasses Lightning Gun in almost every way. 4 ammo over 3 ammo is very nice. Costing 4 resources instead of 6 makes a huge difference and really accelerates your opening setup. But 4 damage per action instead of 3 is the real win. There are a LOT of 4-health monsters out there, and this card makes them seem pathetic. These are the most powerful enemies the game has to throw at you, and with this card you trash them in one action and wonder what to do with the rest of your turn! Vicious Blows start to rot in your hand, unused and unneeded. It's ridiculous.

And I haven't mentioned the upside of sometimes roasting two or more monsters in an action. It won't happen every scenario, but it's very nice (and very fun) when it lines up.

You also get very good skill icons. I don't care that much--I would play this card if it had no skill icons at all--but it does make for a nice combo with Well Prepared.

You do lose out on some to-hit bonus compared to Lightning Gun, but +4 from Flamethrower is still awesome and will get results on Expert.

You also lose out on a body slot. This means you can't run Bandolier. But I didn't like Bandolier with Lightning Gun anyway, so that's no great loss to me. If you have a well-stocked Flamethrower, you really don't need other weapons. You lose the ability to run a Flashlight or the like. In solo, that does matter. In multiplayer, I don't care about that at all. You'll help your teammates far more by efficiently roasting all enemies with Flamethrower than you would by investing in some dinky investigation asset. (Of course, you do want to have some other assets in play, so you don't lose Flamethrower to some Crypt Chill effect. But there are plenty of good options that don't take up hand or body slots.)

As for the "must be engaged" requirement: not a huge deal. Most of your combat was against engaged enemies anyway, the massive action compression of Flamethrower more than makes up for the odd extra action you might have to spend, and Guardians even have some nice little events like Taunt and "Let me handle this!" that can help out if you feel it's needed.

A good way to build around Flamethrower is to get Stick to the Plan, and attach a Prepared for the Worst, an ammo card, and an economy card to it. Another very good support card is Beat Cop II, which not only helps your Flamethrower attacks land, but also saves ammo and actions by taking out small enemies for you. And I would be remiss if I didn't mention Double or Nothing...

CaiusDrewart · 3046
I agree. I actually think it needs Tabooed. I think the large upfront cost and the non-Lovecraft nature has meant fewer people have run this than they should. It is so strong it makes other end-game Guardian decks pointless by comparison. — duke_loves_biscuits · 1240
I agree on the Taboo list. I've recently build around this card in two separate Dunwich and Carcosa campaigns, and it was amazing how it just melts monsters and takes so much of the challenge out of Expert difficulty. It makes it so easy for a sole Guardian to cover basically all the monster-slaying for a 3-investigator team, something that was otherwise very hard if not impossible to make work. It's just so so strong. — CaiusDrewart · 3046

Move aside Lightning Gun the new king of weapons is here!

Comparing it directly to Lightning Gun, you save two resources, get one more ammo and do one more damage. Note the damage is multiplicative with the ammo so you get potentially 16 damage to Lightning Gun's 9.

The first drawback is the body slot. Notably this rules out Bandolier. Thus a flame wielding Guardian will have to fully commit to exclusively using the Flamethrower by using Venturer, Extra Ammunition and Custom Ammunition. Contraband is also interesting if it is available to you.

The other disadvantage is you must be engaged with the enemy. Normally you do not want to risk shooting your friends with your high powered guns so you would want to engage anyways but this weapon actively requires you to be engaged. This may mean a loss of an action for a harried investigator. Also you may want to engage multiple enemies so its a good idea to bring Taunt along as well to avoid attacks of opportunity.

It still has one less fight then Lightning Gun but both are usually sufficient to guarantee success on all but the tentacle and the super negative token you get on Hard and Expert.

Overall I think despite these weaknesses this is by far the most efficient purifier of xenos scum, err I mean mythos monsters available today.

The M1918 BAR is also a very fun weapon and may become more efficient against very low health enemies, but there are too few of those around to compete.

ArkhamPirate · 51
Definitely agree - this is truly a new king. I doubted that BAR is able to detronize LG, but here I have no doubt. Just mention that its synergy with Well Prepared rocks. — KptMarchewa · 1
Card links in this review are broken. — TheNameWasTaken · 3
Card links fixed — ArkhamPirate · 51
Also dearly worth considering: The Reliable card. — tercicatrix · 15
I honestly think this card is straight-up overpowered. I thought Lightning Gun was a fantastic build-around for the Guardian class, and this card just trounces Lightning Gun. What a card. — CaiusDrewart · 3046

QUESTION: How does Flamethrower interact with Custom Ammunition's damage bonus when engaged with multiple enemies?

Here's my situation: Leo Anderson is engaged with a non-monster enemy with fight 3 and a monster enemy with fight 2. He has a Flamethrower with Custom Ammunition attached. Leo succeeds on his fight action and now wants to distribute damage. From my reading, when I distribute a point of damage to the monster enemy, an additional point of damage is dealt as well (Non-monster 3 pts, Monster 1pt + bonus 1pt). Correct?

Which naturally leads to other questions: If I am engaged with two enemies both of which have the monster trait, do I add +1 damage to each monster enemy (3 and 3)? Or do I get 1pt of bonus damage added to the base 4 only to distribute across monster enemies? If one enemy has the monster trait and one enemy does not, do I not get the bonus damage at all, simply because a non-monster enemy will be receiving damage? Does it matter if the enemy with the highest fight is the one with the monster trait?

JSnarK · 7
In your scenario, the attack you're making is against a non-monster; the fact that it distributes some damage to a monster is irrelevant, since custom ammunition only cares about what the attack is made against. Conversely, if the monster were 3 and the humanoid were 2, you would get the bonus damage, to distribute as you please, even to non-monsters. While flamethrower feels like it attacks all enemies, in fact it only attacks one, and custom ammunition only cares about the types on the one enemy you're attacking. Obviously if you're given the choice between a monster and non-monster target, then, you'll get some added damage by choosing the monster. At least, that's my analysis. — SGPrometheus · 776
Additionally, in a hypothetical case where a weapon actually did allow you to make multiple attacks in one action, the bonus damage would be applied separately for each target, depending on if it were a monster. — SGPrometheus · 776
Thanks for the reply! So then there's only one attack and that attack does +1 damage to the target of the attack as a result of Custom Ammunition, then the 4 damage are distributed as normal. Or does the fact that you're doing the 4 damage "instead — JSnarK · 7
Or does the fact that you're doing the 4 damage "instead," mean that you ignore the +1 damage from Custom Ammunition that would be applied to standard damage? — JSnarK · 7
I'm 3 months late, but Flamethrower says right on it that any additional damage adds to the total you can distribute - so if you have Custom Ammunition attached and the highest fight enemy engaged with you is a Monster, you distribute 5 damage. — Thatwasademo · 54
Custom amunition never says the attack has to be done against a monster. Flamethrower distributes 4 damages, and Custom ammunition adds a +1 to each monster chosen by this effect. — NotSure · 21

The 2 reasons this card is surprisingly bad (OK, OK at least not as good as first expected) are the same reasons that Bandolier is surprisingly good:

  1. Two handed weapons make you forgo lots of great non-disposable assets like Machete and Magnifying Glass, among others.
  2. Then, once the mighty Flamethrower is in play, a steady stream of mediocre enemies will make you debate whether to conserve your ammo and use your fists, or waste an ammo.

So how do we get around this and take advantage of the unmatched combat potential of the Flamethrower? As of this review, there is no way around the first problem so you’ll just have to build around the slot-hungry flamethrower. The best way to get around the second problem is to have alternative combat cards outside of hand and body slots. Best at this strategy is Zoey Samaras, who has her Zoey's Cross as well as access to Shrivelling and Mists of R'lyeh. Taunt is a nice addition to ensure all of the enemies are in range of the thrower’s blast.

jmmeye3 · 615
Zoey also has access to Contraband(0), in addition to the various Guardian cards that can put extra ammo on a Firearm. — cb42 · 36
There’s also Beat Cop 2 for the really small enemies. I do think Flamethrower is MUCH better in 3-4 player where (a) you can specialize enough that you don’t need to carry a Magnifying Glass, (b) there are often enough enemies to double or triple up, and (c) in the off chance the only enemy on the map is a relatively weak 2 health enemy, one of the other investigators can kill it without too much effort. — Death by Chocolate · 1394
Strong disagree. The Flamethrower has more ammo than the Lightning Gun, Shotgun, and far superior killing power than either or the BAR or Typewriter. It's completely nuts, well into "too strong" level of power before you even consider the Well Prepared combo that often accompanies it. — duke_loves_biscuits · 1240
Duke, I agree that it’s the strongest weapon in the game. That’s part of the problem when you actually try to use it. Unlike the other super powered Guardian weapons, you can’t use Bandolier to have a backup to handle smaller threats. — jmmeye3 · 615
I think the community rarely runs bandolier? I know I don't in guardian builds right now because there aren't many that are level 0 and 2 handed. The level 2 bandolier is better, but comes at an xp premium. The upgraded Thompson will probably fit in that build. Anyway, Flamethrower is great. Run it in Mark and Zoey and anyone who isn't Roland. — Myriad · 1211
Bandolier and back-up weapons aren't needed. Either run extra ammo cards (like Venturer + Cache3, Extra Ammo etc, + Stick to the Plan) or have a secondary fighter assist on the weenies (eg in 3 or 4 player). Yes, its a lot of XP, but big weapons are generally an All-In build. — duke_loves_biscuits · 1240
I disagree this card is amazing and fun. Playing with Zoey, I took out a pit boss, thug, and a rat using the flame thrower combined with double or nothing. — FractalMind · 36
Re not being able to run Bandolier--what is the point of having other weapons when you have a Flamethrower? — CaiusDrewart · 3046

The cost in the description is wrong guys (4 instead of 5) ;) Keep up the good work! These are the "Your review must be at least 200 characters," so ignore it :D These are the "Your review must be at least 200 characters," so ignore it :D These are the "Your review must be at least 200 characters," so ignore it :D These are the "Your review must be at least 200 characters," so ignore it :D

Wolf · 74
Question: If I fail with the Flamethrower by 2 or less, can I play Oops! to assign the damage elsewhere? If so, to which enemies can I legally assign it? — Setzu · 323
If you play Oops!, you can assign damage to any enemy that Oops! allows. However, it will probably only by 1 damage since Flamethrower doesn’t deal additional damage like other weapons and the ‘assign four’ effect is explicitly ‘on a successful hit’ which is not the case when you play Oops!. — Death by Chocolate · 1394

Although this card is powerful, one thing to note is that Flamethrower does not work on exhausted massive enemies, since massive enemies aren’t considered to be engaged to any investigators, as per the rules reference. So if your teammates have an evasion strategy going, it might be better to take a good old fashioned Lightning gun.

iceysnowman · 163
I don't find this a compelling reason to prefer Lightning Gun, myself. Why not Flamethrower the enemy on your turn for massive damage, then have your teammate evade it afterwards? (In the rather unlikely event that it survived the Flamethrower attacks, that is.) — CaiusDrewart · 3046

When I first saw this card I was excited to see a big weapon that wasn't horribly short on ammo, but after making a flame thrower character and playing him I find this weapon very effective but rather boring to use. It seemed to take away all the interesting choices my Guardian had to make in combat. The insanely high hit bonus removes the need to decide whether to commit extra cards to the combat test, I was only worried about drawing the auto fail. The insanely high damage removes the need to decide how to finish off a photo with only one health left, the enemy is just flat out dead. The big disadvantage of the flamethrower, being forced to engage the enemy in order to fire, only makes it more boring by removing the question of whether to risk firing at an enemy engaged with an ally. You just calculate what you can do with your actions, and then you do it, and then you try to make sure your flamethrower doesn't run out of ammo.

By comparison, while I find the shotgun to be an overly flawed weapon, if you actually go to the trouble to create an effective shotgun character, it is way more fun to play.

ChristopherA · 108
finish off a photo? Use the Hawk-Eye! — MrGoldbee · 1417
For engaging there’s riot whistle and taunt. Or dodge with OA — Django · 4973
To be fair, you probably shouldn’t aim a flamethrower at someone grappling a friend of yours.... — LivefromBenefitSt · 1034
It is true that Flamethrower single-handedly makes lots of other Guardian combat cards unnecessary. Vicious Blow is a beloved staple, but with Flamethrower good opportunities to use them will be few and far between. On Expert the hit bonus generally needs just a little bit of help, so the various Combat boosts still are some help, but not that much. — CaiusDrewart · 3046

Ok here my review on this one:

  • Pros

+4 fight

+4 dmg you may assign to every enemy engaged! with you.

+4 ammo which is a good number for a firearm


This weapon makes standard dmg unless you 're engaged with a lot of enemies. So actually if you have only one enemy engaged with you make a total dmg of 1 against lightning gun that gives you +2 dmg.

In order to make a full potential of this weapon you need to be engaged with every monster. That means if another investigator has a monster on him you need to spend an action to engage that (-1 action if you dont have taunt in hand) but also the other monster will do attacks of opportunity. If you survive the attacks then you left with two actions remain to actually defeat the monsters and that is a normal scenario (there are worst out there)

It takes the slots of your hands and body and there are such great cards in there that takes place. Especially the new upgrade bandolier from Return to the Dunwich Legacy combined with Lightning Gun makes Roland a monster with 3 items and +1 willpower.

Now for the 5 xp and the 4 cost seems normal to me for a high end weapon. On solo if you 're engaged with more than 3 monsters usually you're dead. This weapon shines on multiplayer.

Final thought:

If i was going to pick i would prefer Lightning Gun over this any time because of its ability to kill a target in one action. Dont use it on Roland since the bandolier combo is better for him. Zoey can make a use of it (cause of her ability) but still only in multiplayer (as a chef first you burn them then you slice them ^^).

The slot usage really means that if you're building a Flamethrower deck, you have to commit to building a Flamethrower deck. There are cards like Taunt and Heroic Rescue that allow you to engage enemies without an action, worth picking up if you're leaning into a Flamethrower. — cb42 · 36
I think you have fundamentally misunderstood how this card works. You said, "So actually if you have only one enemy engaged with you make a total dmg of 1 against lightning gun that gives you +2 dmg," when the card says, " — Schielman · 38
instead of its standard damage, you may assign up to 4 damage among enemies engaged with you (any additional damage adds to this total)". You deal 4 damage to an enemy. If you commit Vicious Blow, you do more, but either way, that's more than Lighting Gun, which does 3 damage at base. The other advantage of flamethrower is that you can roast a whole room full of mooks (I've had a few situations where I wish I had the ability to kill 2 guys with one action). So no, I think in the vast majority of cases, flamethrower is much better than Lighting Gun. (I misclicked, which is why this comment is in two parts) — Schielman · 38
Schielman is right about how the damage works. That said, the reveal of Bandolier 2 does help swing some value back towards Lightning Gun and the BAR. — Death by Chocolate · 1394