Cosmos - Оборот

The stars danced mockingly, almost shifting now and then to form pale signs of doom that one might wonder one had not seen and feared before; and ever the winds of aether howled of vague blackness and loneliness beyond the cosmos.
– H. P. Lovecraft, The Dream-Quest of Unknown Kadath
Pathway into Void

Otherworld. Void.

Неясность: 4. Улики: 2.

Cosmos - Connect in a direction of your choice.

Forced - After you enter Pathway into Void: You must either discard 1 card from your hand or take 1 damage.

Remove 1 resource from the scenario reference card: Move Pathway into Void to any adjacent spot, placing an empty space in the spot it previously occupied. (Group limit once per round.)

Stephen Somers
Перед Чёрным престолом #340. Перед Чёрным престолом #22-23.
Pathway into Void

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