Актив. Accessory

Item. Relic. Dreamlands.

Цена: 3.


You get +1 and +1 .

You cannot play or commit Moonstone from your hand.

After you discard Moonstone from your hand: Play it (paying its cost).

Adam S. Doyle
Dark Side of the Moon #203.


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I haven't seen this mentioned much, but Occult Lexicon/Blood-Rite can also discard the Moonstone from your hand, meaning Seekers with Moonstone access, Ursula, Minh, and Rex, have an additional option to get Moonstone out, the main way for Seeker still being Elli. I'd say Ursula benefits the most from this combo. Also, don't underestimate a Seeker's ability to play Moonstone by exceeding max hand size. Card draw is all over the place in the Seeker faction.

Soloclue · 2544
Finh and Marie can also play both — Django · 4974

The passive bonuses on Moon Stone are good. But how to play it?

There are two main ways:

  1. Specific card effects. The best are those printed on investigator cards that you start the game with: Wendy Adams, "Ashcan" Pete and Patrice Hathaway. The best non-investigator way to discard at will (there aren’t many) is Scroll of Prophecies.

  2. Discarding cards due to maximum hand size. Anyone can do this, but it could be difficult if your hand tends to run low. So other than the investigators listed above, Moon Stone would probably only be used by investigators that really want the willpower and agility bonus and have no better or more reliable accessory options.

jmmeye3 · 615
It's a relic so you can grab it with Elli. The best non-investigator way to discard it at will is probably Cornered, which fortunately is in-faction. — Yenreb · 15
True! I should have said “best level 0 non-investigator” for scroll of Prophecies. — jmmeye3 · 615
Cornered is also pretty good. However i don't think the card is good outside specific combos (bow) and mystics cause the stats don't help win the game, just make the player harder to kill and just slows you down. — Django · 4974
I believe you could also play this off of the discard from Blood Rite. Take extra card draw so that you a) are more likely to draw Occult Lexicon or b) can discard it to hand size as a backup. Might be worth considering in TFA at least — Zinjanthropus · 225
And I think Backpack is, too, a ways to 'cheat' this into play. — Lateralis · 7
Backpack is very clever. I wonder if there'll be a ruling on that. You could also use The Council's Coffer to play it, though there are probably better ways to use that card most of the time. — Zinjanthropus · 225
You could also get it into play with Amnesia. I think you could play it with "You Owe Me One!" because it wouldn't be from "your hand." Would take some group coordination though that might be better expended on a different card. — Zinjanthropus · 225
Dr. Elli Horowitz can get the Moonstone into play without much ado. — dlikos · 131
I don't think backüack works cause Moonstone says it must be discarded from your hand but backpack only says the cards are considered in your hand for the purpose of playing them. So the moment backpack is discarded, moonstone is not in your hand (and not considered to be there either). — Django · 4974
If you overwrite the backpack with another card taking up a body slot, then you discard Moonstone, allowing it to be played. — clydelucy · 5
Oh derp that doesn't work, Moonstone must be discarded from your hand. — clydelucy · 5
Pelt Shipment can help discard. — littlisk · 1

What about Bob Jenkins?

If you have Moonstone in your hand and Bob Jenkins is another player using his additional action to play an asset from your hand, is he "you"?

It reads "At any time, an investigator at your location may reveal to you the Item assets in their hand. You may take an additional action during your turn, which can only be used to play an Item asset from the hand of an investigator at your location, under their control. (Both investigators may spend resources to pay its cost)."

What do you say? Can Bob Jenkins play Moonstone from your hand?

Yes. See — suika · 9311
See — suika · 9311
Bah, keep hitting enter. Anyway. It's not clear how you are supposed to interprete "You" here. But it doesn't matter. If you interprete "You" to mean Bob Jenkins, he can play the card because Moonstone is not in his hand. If you interprete "You" to mean the card's controller, Bob Jenkins can play the card because the restriction doesn't apply to him. — suika · 9311
The logic displayed above is exquisite — NarkasisBroon · 10

Having made the Ursula Relic deck, I think you either cheat this into play with Dr. Elli Horowitz, or you use Occult Invocation to discard it and get it into play that way. Which really both seem better from previous reviews of this card.

Seekers op btw :D

fiatluxia · 64
Do you think it's worth the effort when you have access to Tooth of Eztli ? If you use the Ornate bow as your main weapon ? But in this case, it uses both your hands if Dr. Elli Horowitz is holding the Moonstone. — AlexP · 245
The Tooth only helps in case of treacheries, I would consider Moonstone as an actual upgrade, especially to cheat it into play as described. — fiatluxia · 64

In addition to the ways described above to circumvent Moonstone play restriction, Unearth the Ancients should work. It indeed allows Moonstone to be "put into play", which is different from "play(ed". It may mostly be relevant in a Ursula Downs deck (maybe Minh Thi Phan as well), but still deserved to be mentioned.

Binoux · 27
Unfortunately, Unearth the Ancients only works on Seeker assets — which is a shame since Moonstone would be quite good in a level zero Ursula if there were an easy way to get it into play. — Spritz · 68
As Spritz mentioned, Unearth and Ancients only works on Seeker assets; however, Archaic Glyphs: Markings of Isis, if you have it, will work. I think it's debatable whether Moonstone is better in Ursula decks than the Tooth of Eztli though, which gives similar boosts (albeit only for treacheries), doesn't have a play restriction, and provides card draw. — iceysnowman · 163
Moon Stone is more useful but harder to play. I use both Moon Stone and Tooth of Eztli and use Dr. Elli Horowitz to search for Moon Stone, if not found I get Tooth of Eztli instead. — AquaDrehz · 199

FYI: If you take both Short Supply and Moonstone, then when your first turn of the game begin, if your Moonstone is one of the ten cards that get discarded, you can immediately play it right from the start. This is quite a neat way to start the game with +1 willpower and + 1 evade. This definitely would be something Patrice Hathaway want to do, but all other investigators who can take both cards should also seriously consider this little combo if they choose to take either Short Supply or vice versa Moonstone, including Lola Hayes (which pumps her willpower and evade to a respectable 4 from the start).

Correction: this does not work because Moonstone needs to be played from your hand.

liwl0115 · 40
It has to be discarded from your hand, not your deck — dscarpac · 820
yikes, you are correct. — liwl0115 · 40
But wait, can't you play Moonstone from your discard pile with things like Scavening (2) or the newly spoiled scarlet keys suvivor event? Moonstone only says "You cannot play [...] from your hand." — Miroque · 23
Just looking this card over (2 years later from the above comment) but you are correct: both Scavenging(2) and Salvage (the Scarlet Keys event you refer to) DO allow you to play it, as both are playing it from your discard. The reason Short Supply doesn't work is that it only discards cards- it doesn't have a built-in "Play" function the way Scavenging & Salvage do. That leaves only the ability on Moonstone itself, which fails to activate because it's condition- that you discarded it from your hand- was not fulfilled, as Short Supply discards from the top of your deck. — HanoverFist · 690
On the other hand, Forced Learning will give you a chance to discard the Moonstone as you draw it (for Lola anyway) — Theralius · 1