Неясность: 2. Улики: 1.

Forced - After you discover 1 or more clues at Sea of Bones: Flip it over.

Победа 1.
"There was nothing anywhere but blackness and horror and silence and bones."
- H. P. Lovecraft, The Dream-Quest of Unknown Kadath
Mark Molnar
Point of No Return #259. Point of No Return #13.
Sea of Bones

If there is no Dhole Tunnel at this location, search the encounter deck and discard pile for a Dhole Tunnel and attach it to this location, if able. Shuffle the encounter deck.

If Slithering Dhole is in play, move it to this location and add 2 clues to it. Otherwise, search the encounter deck, discard pile, and victory display for Slithering Dhole, and spawn it at this location, exhausted and with 2 clues on it.

Flip this card back over.

Traversing this canyon of cadavers and monstrous remains is laborious enough, but it is the churning and digging below the surface that causes you to hate this awful place. What sort of monstrosity could span the entirety of this ocean of bones? Your answer presents itself as you come across a great pit in the ravine. It is swallowing the bones and scraps of rotten meat like a whirlpool. When you reach the base of the tunnel and realize its true purpose, a shudder courses through you. It was made by an enormous creature: the thing that dwells below the sea of bones.
Point of No Return #259.
Something Below

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